General Discussion at EVO?


Are any of you ass hats going to attend EVO this year or will it just be me?


I will say hi to you at EVO, but I will not take any pictures.

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Had to opt out this year…


Who knows… The only times I’ve been to EVO were in 2006 and 2008. If anyone from GD goes, will you guys/gals be playing any NLHE poker or baccarat?


If I went to Vegas it sure as fuck wouldn’t be for evo.


Isn’t there a casino near where EVO is going to be this year?


See you guys in the stream chat this year. :coffee:


I’m now only 6hrs away. I have weekends off. So…I could see myself making the drive up to Vegas. Get there Friday Night. Have all day Saturday to enjoy the event and mingle. Then leave Sunday afternoon. Can one still get tickets or just pay at the door?


Registration ends the week before the event…no pay at the door.


Ah…hmmm I doubt my money is gonna be looking good so soon. Son of a bitch…Have to try to make next year or at least the major that comes after EVO


Wouldn’t step foot near that shithole even if I lived in the US.



Although I do want to go to vegas to see the crazy shit that’s there while on acid.


id be down to go to vegas and hook up with some cheating wives again

fuck evo tho


I’m in this year.


Evo isn’t Evo anymore. No thanks.


Even though EVO doesn’t necessarily “seem” like the EVO I’ve been seeing since 2010, let alone the EVO from 06-09 when I look at the footage, I’ll still be going this year since it’ll be a first. Assuming my friends don’t bail on splitting a hotel and leave me all “well what the fuck now?”.


Went every year since 07 except 08 and last year, going to skip this year too I usually go just for ST and that seems to have died down since our epic tournament of legends 2 and x mania USA…flying in japanese players is not cheap guys lol we don’t have fancy sponsors like SF4.

Next year I’ll probably go if the usual NY heads do.


Damn so much hate in here lol.

Well I’ll be there for Sunday only. Saturday I’ll be around drinking, Monday I’ll be recovering, and Tuesday I’ll be working before I fly out late Tuesday night.

I’m willing to say hi to some of you losers.


I’m going! First time at Evo. I’m going to be a judge.


Why would you volunteer your time to work for free at an event that generates hundreds of thousands of dollars?


Compensation can come in forms other than money.

I decided to do it to show my appreciation to the TOs for running a great event each year, one that I’ve been watching for free for several years. I don’t know if I’ll be attending Evo again after this year. It took me long enough to even go due to various issues.