General getting in tips

So, kinda new to vs game in a sense I wanna take it more seriously. I’ve been having trouble trying to get in and trying to attack alot of the time I just seem to block and can’t find ways of getting in. I know alot of it is character specific, but are there any general tips that apply to all characters that can help?

If it makes it easier to explain I’m using generally dante, chris, phoenix, wesker, deadpool.

Wave dashing helps

Dante/Phoenix/Wesker/Deadpool = Teleport
Chris - Magnum hit > Wavedash, Mine hit > Wavedash, grenades, etc

Yeah, I need to work on that wave dashing, I wave dash a bit too much and just end up getting grabbed cause I didn’t pause it.

That chris one sounds quite good actually, definately need to take note of that, I just use the uzi but the magnum seems quite nice as a weapon to try and get in. Will keep that in mind next time and when I go in the lab.

The only thing about deadpool is his teleport isn’t always reliable but I guess you just gotta take risks, thanks for that.

Sentinel is your bread and butter of MvC3, there isn’t much reason not to chose him.

Wolverine can easily attack forward and make pretty much instant teleport behind and attack.

Deadpool has great range, lots of angles if your the trigger happy type.

Dr. Doom isn’t the best character, has a very good tracking assist.

Morrigan isn’t the best character, but has a great gauge buff for getting a lot of supers.