General Gill Strats

What are your genearl strats with Gill. Mix ups, 100 percent stuns etc.

Crouching Fierce, Clothesline, clothesline, clothesline…

St. Fierce
seraphic wing
build meter and sit on it

Gonna whip out your leet Gill at the next tourney casuals?

I like the clothesline juggle. Brings up the stun hella and leads to 100 percent on pretty much everyone. I guess you have to change up the timing for some characters though. Which pokes you guys like with Gill? I like c.MK and c.HK.

Actually, I’ve found an easier 100% stun combo that works mostly on everyone.

Jump RH-> C. HP (2hits)-> walk forward-> C.HP (1 hit) xx FP Headbutt, walk forward C.HP (1hit)xx FP headbutt.

95% stun on hugo.

Alot easier to do than the clothesline times XX, and more consistant. It doesn’t work on some characters from Gill’s hot side (facing right i believe), b/c the hot and cold reel stuns are different.
I know for a fact Alex is one of those characters.

Fancy combo
(corner only)

c.fp (2hits), walk forward, c.fpxx fierce pyrokinesis xx seraphic wing.

Waste of meter really, but will impress your friends.

As far as gameplan goes… here’s my strat.

  1. Use C.HK and LP Fireballs at ranges to zone. Nothing in the game can compete with the speed and length of gill’s Sweep. It’s ridiculous. Once you have them afraid of it…

You can dash in!

dash in and do

  1. Throw (preferablly neutral)
  2. C. HP (safe!, but first hit can be low parried)
  3. C. HK (safe! and knocks down! low parry)
  4. Stand fierce (great from cold side high parry)

And all of these set up for another mixup attempt.

Gill rules.