General Help With Da' Robot

Hi, ya’ll.

I’m completely new to Sentinel, yet I’m trying to work on a total team overhaul and I’m using him as my anchor. It seems like there’s a lot to learn about him but I really want to learn the ins and outs of his playstyle. I’ve been messing around a lot in the training room with him but I don’t really feel like I’m getting anywhere so, that being said, I have a few questions:

-What’s his game? Does he play better with projectiles/keeping away or is he more of a up in your face assault kind of character? Or can he do both?

-The other two members of this team will be Jill on point and Storm as second. Which of their assists work best with Sentinel?

-Which of Sentinel’s assists are the most useful?

-Are there any really good Sentinel players or just Sentinel videos in general I could watch?

-Who are some other people I could use around Sentinel? And please don’t say Magneto, I have no interest in him at the moment.

-Who are his worst and best matchups?

If anyone could answer some or all of those in detail for me, I would greatly appreciate it. Also, I’m looking for someone who can actually take the time to throw down a few matches on XBL and show me what Sentinel’s all about. Preferably someone who is really good with him. GT=Onslaught EXE

Thanks in advance. :smiley:

I’ll make my best to answer your questions over the course of this week.

  • First of all, as assists go, the Storm assist is up for grabs, just make sure that Hailstorm is the THC super and you’re set with her, Jill on the other hand would be useful with her wall-bounce assist, since Sentinel does not have one.

Jill’s wall bounce assist allows for Hyper Sentinel Force to be used at the end of a combo after Rocket Punch :l: and can use Plasma Storm afterwards for a 2 meter combo (or HSF, then DHC into Hailstorm)

  • As for Sentinel’s assist, the Drones are a no brainer (His a-assist, Sentinel Force :m: )

  • Some of the better characters to pair up with Sentinel are: Nova (unblockables with his B-assist, Taskmaster (arrows for keepaway with spits), Akuma (tatsu hit-confirms), Dante (Jam Session), Dr. Strange (Eye of Agamotto and Bolts of Bolthaak are good), Trish (Peekaboo assist allows for FULL command grab combos midscreen), Dr. Doom (Missiles), Dormammu (Dark Hole or Liberation), Chun-Li (Lightning Legs assist for lockdown) and Haggar (Lariat)

Note that those characters listed are those who incredibly boost Sentinel’s gameplay; meanwhile, Sentinel just makes any character better with the Drones assist.

  • Which top players are worth looking for Sentinel gameplay? They are: Infrit, Fanatiq, Knives, Ray-Ray (this guy is a must, I’ll send you a PM with links to some of his greatest Sentinel gameplay), Rowtron, F.Champ (back in Vanilla and early Ultimate, most of which is still relevant), GC Yoshi, Josh Wong (he used Sentinel for a while), Dios X, and Joker

Sentinel’s game can be both keepaway and close-up. When getting close to your enemy, you are usually going for a command grab or something, otherwise it will be pretty hard to open up your enemy. A strategy could be to keepaway until they do something stupid and you can surprise them with an armor move like s or c.m or s. s .<div><br></div><div>I honestly don’t really know too much about his match-ups; all I know is that he is bad against characters that spam air to ground projectiles like wesker or trish or morrigan, and his cr,m is great against other armored attacks so Hulk or Nemesis are probably some of his better match-ups. </div><div><br></div><div>I know that storm has an amazing DHC, but you’re playing sentinel on anchor so I don’t know if that’ll be helping sentinel a lot, but by the looks of it you’re only using sentinel to support your other teammates. Drones is a pretty universally good assist so you’ll probably have no problem finding some good synergy for your characters with sentinel. However if you want a good assist for sentinel, tatsu or anything that tracks and hits in the air like missiles or vajra are perfect. Missiles is by far the best assist though, I have only recently learned about this technique but it really upped my sentinel game like crazy.</div>