General Hibiki Strats



I was wondering what general things do upper level Hibiki Players focus on. What grooves? Do people Turtle or Rushdown? Poke? What techniques do you use to achieve your Turtle/Rushdown style of play.

Honestly, my style of play is mostly defensive. Poking w/ alot of c.LP, MP and c.MP. On wake-up I use Rapidfire c.LK, has Great Priority and relatively safe. Also use this as anti-roll. If it connects I combo, into LP, qcf+Jab. I use A Groove for Hibiki as her Customs ended w/ Super, do more damage and also work better defensively (using the invincibility frames). I haven’t played anyone high-level. Only people who play casually (like me until recently) and I started using her qcb+LP in close buffered into her qcf+LP and it seems to cross over well. If they block, my customs I usually mix up when I throw this out. I stick a few c.HP (2 - 4) and go for the set up. I usually mix up when I do this just in case they block it. This is only if my first attack didn’t connect for the combo, I mix this up in an attempt to make them guard in the wrong direction. I don’t use her KKK much. Dunno why. It seems to be good, I just dont think about it. But like I said, I’m lower level play. Not a scrub by ANY means, because I do know what Im doing and how the game works. But I’m still a noob, and don’t really know how an effective Hibiki works at high level. So, post up, and let me see what all the real Hibiki players are doin this days.


Don’t rush or turtle. Zone.

cr.lkx3,cr.lp,QCF+lp B&B

A is her probably her best groove, K is second IMO. Those are the only two grooves to sue her in.
Poke with,cr.lp, cr/,st.RH,sm.jump RH

more later


C Hibiki is decent, you can sit on L3 super, plus you don’t get raped for free by scrubby A Sakuras just for blocking her CC.

If you knock someone down, Hibiki has so many better options than mashing low short… those being:

meaty QCB+fierce (crossup) XX QCF+fierce. Crosses up, knocks down again. Free mixup yet again.
DP+K XX QCF+fierce. Overhead, knocks down, free mixup.
s.RH XX QCB+fierce XX QCF+fierce. Hits low, knocks down, free mixup. Near the corner, drop the running slash and just do the knockdown slash.
sj.RH. Instant overhead. Use it when you know it’ll dizzy.
c.short x3-4, c.jab XX QCF+strong. It hits low and isn’t super obvious if you don’t make a big deal of crouching next to them mashing on low short. It does a bunch of stun, at least more than overhead XX knockdown, so it’s alright if you know it’ll stun.
whatever tick into RH throw. If you’re in A with full meter, that’s a CC setup right there, activate into QCF+strong. Otherwise, QCB+jab to cover safe falls, then you get a crossup slash attempt at least.

close s.forward is +6 on block, I think. How long does it stick out? IIRC not long, but it could be a decent meaty attack to mess with… wouldn’t recommend it, though, you have better, less risky options.


Hibiki’s really good in N-Groove too. If you need to, you can finish off someone with an extra level 1 super after a level 3 Going My Way (the chain super).

In N and K, a really important tactic is to mix up running slashes with regular runs. If you release the slash just at the maximum range, it’s completely safe, and it lets you keep people on the ground when you’re running at them. If they decide to turtle and wait to see what you do, just run right up to them and start a regular combo string, or be risky and overhead or stop and throw.

If you anticipate someone jumping at you at the same time you’re going to jump at them, j.strong beats a lot of stuff. It’s a great air-to-air on the way up, as is j.fierce.


Word. Good stuff. Question. Whats Hibiki’s overhead? I don’t recall her having any ascending strikes that count as overhead (not that I don’t believe you, just need you to point it out). Also, when I was talking about wake-up LK, I meant while I’m getting up. Only if they’re approaching tho. But it has priority over a lot of stuff.

Also, when you guys say Zone, I know what it means, but whats the BEST way to do this w/ Hibiki. Also, whats a good way to beat aerial opponents like Morrigan, Gouki and Vega. Some anti-airs wont work when Gouki and morrigan can change their jump tragectory or shoot projectiles. And Vega’s just weird.


DP+K is an overhead. Can cancel to QCF+P or QCB HCF+P on a hit.

Vega owns up on Hibiki hard. Wait… claw Vega or psycho Vega? Claw Vega is a freaking pain, owns Hibiki left and right :mad: but he doesn’t usually have many damage options, so you can edge out sometimes. Psycho Vega (Bison) is tough, but not as bad as it looks, just need to be more patient (ie don’t try to maximize damage by doing B&Bs with QCF+P slashes all the time) but he rapes anybody in one CC, whatever.

Primary tools to control the ground are s.strong, c.strong, and c.jab. Also c.fierce in some instances, s.RH very rarely.
jab running slashes let you cover ground somewhat safely if you distance them right. Contrary to what was said above, these are far from perfectly safe. IIRC Bison can nail Hibiki with scissors, Sagat can get in a sweep unless your distance and timing was absolutely perfect and he didn’t move around, I’m pretty sure a couple of supers can hit it, too (Sonic Hurricane and Gigaton Blow come to mind, not sure) It’s still really good, and half the time people don’t know they can punish (most think it’s safe or don’t know what moves to punish with) so you can get away with it here and there. Just don’t base your offense on it.
Just find the range that’s just outside of Hibiki’s s.strong range. Then dance about or just stand there, if they try to advance, s.strong/c.strong/c.jab them out. c.fierce to punish whiffs, s.strong if you’re not confident, or have meter. If you have L3, s.strong XX speed mode to punish whiffs… only when you’re inside s.strong’s max range, though. If you tag a retracting limb, the super doesn’t always combo (usually won’t, distances and all)

far s.fierce is your general purpose AA. close s.fierce is your other general purpose AA. 90% of the time, you just hit fierce for AA.
For people coming in from really far off (ie won’t land near you) you can do c.fierce… sometimes. Depends on angles, mess around with it. c.fierce also works against jump-ins that don’t aim down, gives you a little more time to AA since you duck down. Still, s.fierce is more reliable.
Jump back fierce and jump back strong are good for dealing with stuff like Akuma jumping around with air fireballs or Morrigan randomly flying in- though really it’s post-knockdown air fireballs/fly mixups that you have to worry about anyhow, so kinda moot point.
Still, jump back strong/fierce is good against Cammy, knocks her out of pretty much all her jumps and also creates some space- just don’t corner yourself mindlessly.
c.fierce also handles some Low Jumps, though it’s not going to save you from Blanka. RC strong slash is good for Low Jumps, though.


ARIGATO!!! Oh, and I mean Claw Vega (Stupid NA version :rolleyes: ). Although bison is a pain, Vega is much harder too deal w/ IMO. Any thing else Anti-Vega. Fortunately there aren’t TOO many Vega players around. Unfortunately I know one of them. Fortunately, I get the practice, tho I usually have too pull out Sagat or Gouki for the Vega. Does anybody use her hcb,f+P super? Its a decent AA IMO.


That’s fwd HCF+P for the blackout super, not HCB fwd. And it’s alright. Takes some setting up, really.

For flash, you can do counter, dash, blackout. I guess counter, run, blackout works, just the Dash puts you at just the right range.


THAT COMBOS!!! Word. Thanx alot. Actually this’ll help me against Vega and his flyin’ claws an crap. I only really need one correct counter to make him wary of attackin so much. And C-Hibiki would gain a level REALLY quickly as well. Thanx.


how useful is her counter? does it only counter air attacks or what? i’ve tried to get into her but just can’t figure her out. maybe if i could use her counter a little better i’d like her more. i play geese so i was wondering if maybe i could use similar set ups for his reversals with her. any help would be appreciated.


Counter will counter any physical, non-super moves that don’t hit low… well, moves that stick their hitboxes up into her arm can be countered, too…

Counter is alright. Don’t get stupid with it. It does help to keep Sakura honest- counter, CC is quite discouraging.


Does anybody know the startup frames on her counter? Seems to take awhile to come out.


Ditto. I have to use that crap in BIG anticipation. So I really don’t do it too often. Only use it sparsely. But its very slow. You practically have to KNOW when the enemies gonna hit you.


Noobiki Question…

Crossover j. Rh, s.short, Blackout

Real combo?
Tried it last night for like an hour, but I have ADHD so I gave up!

How about w/ short jump?



What the hell? Somebody’s been reading the Brady Games guide… :lol: :lol:


??? What do you mean? Does that not work? I’ve never tried it.



I know for a fact these combos work cause i do them. in training and they are battle worthy. You just have to be a strong hibiki player and comfortable in her shoes.

Jump in fierce punch.
start motion for black out.
while in down postion of motion in hit short kick.
roll joystick forward hit any punch then black out.

her string combo that ends with the kicks (11 hit) i believe.

don’t complete the combo.
stop before doing the qcf or qcb don’t remember with kick.
hit just roundhouse instead and the qcb with punch.(timing important to get cross over.) then qcf with fierce. gets one extra hit but does way more damage. or if in s or n groove end with level one super.

I wish you well.


My main strat with Hibiki consists of poking and AA’ing all day long until they resort to rolling after which I start throwing too. Then occasiionally jump with HK to test their blocking skills, then BnB into the poking game again.

If you knock them down (throw or whatever) and the conditions are right (they have no lvl3 and they don’t have a consistent wakeup) then run up and:,, cr.lp xx super
OR, DP+K xx super
wait, throw

** Wide characters are susceptible to: xx DP+k xx Super