General Hugo questions for playing him on a basic level

What’s up Hugo players, just dropping in to ask some questions. Since I didn’t see a more general Hugo thread I figured I’d start one since Im trying to pick him up as a side character and wanted to learn more about his basic mindset and his tools.

Obviously Hugo can deal some strong damage in certain scenarios, and his overall vitality rating is second only to Q x3 Taunts. Those are the immediate strengths that come to mind as a new Hugo player. My biggest problem though is getting inside to get this damage.

What I have found is that s.strong (pimp slap!) is a pretty good tool. Has forward momentum, above average priority, pretty good range and he can use it to maintain a defensive status quo if you will, ensuring that, when used with some of his other tools, the opponent character will have a hard time himself coming in to register some quick hit and run damage (obviously a strong possibility if you can establish a lead and then turtle your ass off). And of course there’s DP+K for jump ins which is a pretty good tool (although who the hell is going to bother jumping in on hugo anyway? Why ever even bother getting close via jump ins?)

What can Hugo really do to get inside against highly defensive opponents? So far even other shitty characters can play an uber strong keepaway game against him. Im not even talking about higher tier characters…yet. People like Necro and Twelve seem to still be able to generally keep hugo off of them, which is pretty bad. Chun is obviously as big a nightmare as you can run into. EX Clothesline is too slow, unsafe and I believe it’s high. He doesn’t catch much range on his jumps, making jump in strats much harder for him to employ against almost any character who is really playing his defensive cards correctly, although admittedly if he does get close enough for a viable jump in, some of his aerial normals are pretty solid (namely belly flop and and j.short). 360+K is REALLY risky, although I do like to do 360+short to travel only a small range and maybe bait for a reaction, where I can possibly land something like a s.strong/c.strong, to establish some kind of small lead. Totally gimmicky, but it works sometimes. He also has a relatively fast forward and back dash, which I find useable for baiting purposes. Obviously if he can get past his opponents keep away and close the distance, he has his c.jab ticks, but it definatalely seems risky.

Right now I feel like the best possible strat is to try to establish any kind of lead early on, however small and then turtle your ass off (obviously the bigger the lead you can establish the better it is for you). Forcing the opponent to come after you is a bit more beneficial for Hugo as opposed to most characters in his tier range, because it opens up his game and his possibilities a lot more. Desperate opponents are opponents who get their asses thrown, which widens your lead considerably. It definately seems to help to understand the nuances of your defense as well. Little things like knowing when you have just enough time to get a HCB+K as opposed to a 360+P seem like very useful bits of knowledge.

So those are some of my humble observations thus far. I guess one of my main questions is, what are some possibilities that Hugo can use to get inside effectively and get that damage early on so he go into his defensive game? Gimmicks, Parlor Tricks, semi strats that work against noobs and actual strats are all equally welcome, I want all the info! Any corrections to any information I might have wrong up there would also be welcome.

Other random questions:

Does s.Roundhouse enter a jumping property fast enough to beat throw attempts on a 0 frame situation or does it lose outright?

Is F+fierce even remotely useful for some type of baiting?

Does that hooker bitch escort really have dick and balls? That’s a damn tragedy if true. (hehe)

Thanks in advance to any and all contributions to this thread, it will definately help my scrubby ass.

alot of people really underestimate hugo’s jump in game. learn to use splashes and j. rh effectively to get in. also you have to learn how to be patient sometimes playing him. many times good players will wait for u to miss a basic attact (i.e slap) and as soon as it whiffs u get low forward supered. when u knock them down, learn how to deal maximum damage as soon as they get up. alot of people underestimate the clap so learn how to time it meaty so that they get hit by it if they try to reversal it.

With hugo if you wanna get in you really gotta zone, and wait for your chance. If your like me and pretty impatient, your gonna have to parry to get in, no way around it. I find splash, low kick, wall grab, gets them in the corner…so you can begin the ass raping.

Also jump in fierce kick , into crouching medium works nice as well

Forward fierce…can be wift into 360/720 all though usually doesnt work.

Poison aka hooker bitch, never had balls or a dick. they made that shit up…and if she did, she doesnt anymore

Btw pimp slap is standing medium o.o

Strong = Medium
Fierce = High :smiley:

I frequently use the Meat Squasher. That’s my way of gaining momentum for some big damage. -> Meat Squasher (360+lk) is the most used trick in my arsenal. It has to be a low Meat Squasher. Even if I can use mk and hk Meat Squashers, it would be a suicide attack.

Shockwave -> Meat Squasher’s also a good tactic.

A lot of people really underestimate this move. For me, this is one of the most effective ways of keeping Hugo near the enemy.

My favorite corner combo… lk Wall Throw (hcb+lk), lp Shockwave(hcb+lp), lk Devastator(dp+lk). Nice damage, great stunner combo.

Jump-in combo… jump-in splash/hp,, EX Clothesline. That’s it.

in the svc chaos comic, they say poison is a transexual. not that snk would be a credible source for such a thing.

Something I’ve wondered, where does the name “Devastator” for the Shootdown Backbreaker come from? I’ve seen it before, but I can’t tell where it started.