General IMM ettiquete


I just want to know seeing as how I’ve only been around a short time and have only ever had 2 avs so far. What exactly do people expect or want for making avs on the part of the recipient? I know people need to keep them at least two weeks and that you shouldn’t mess with what someone gives you.

I just don’t want to step on anyone’s toes or piss anyone off, and I may have missed a topic about this, but I didn’t see one.

I think it’s very cool that people would actually make art for someone else for free even if it’s only a small pic, and I really admire some of the stuff I’ve seen people do.

Not trying to play kissass here, just want to make sure I know how to not rub people the wrong way.



Just show respect for the person who made you your av/something else for something else. . . .

Don’t rip. …
Don’t change without permission. . .
Keep the av that’s made for you for a set period of time(people here like the 2 week rule. . .)
Be polite to the person if you don’t like what they made. . . .
Stuff like that. . .

It’s a respect/respect relationship between the two parties involved in the deal. . .


So NEVER change it/ask for any changes?

I remember my old av the person who mad it put “grey fox” on it instead of “gray fox” and I asked if they would change it.

Is that kind of thing ok?


No I mean when you change something the av maker makes for you.very few people won’t be offended when you do this. . . . . .and that was me that made you that av. … . I changed the name actually lol. . .


Oh lol. I felt bad because I later noticed how everyone had their av maker in their sig, but I couldn’t find where I had mine made at.

Hope you forgive me:crybaby:


I think the IMM ettiquette needs an update. There’s some obvious issues you guys don’t cover in the current one. Not necessarily obvious forum stuff but specific rules that the regular abide by on these forums. Which newer posters would not necessarily understand off the bat. Which like any forum…when you dont cover the obvious things happen…


should i make a thread stating the rules and what not?

EDIT: like a read before requesting type of thing?


I would appreciate it, and I think some of the av makers would as they would be getting less annoyed with the mistakes some of us make.


yea, i hate when people dont put names in the sig. i forever keep my av makers in my sig. not because it’s common curtesy, but it’s the people i’ve looked up to in the past years. it’s in the order that i asked people for there work.


yeah I seemed to notice some av makers despairing or getting a little bummed over how people change out their avatars that they JUST made or similar bs. It would be a shame for some of these people to stop making avs, seeing how some of the artwork on this forum looks way better then the avs I am accustomed to seeing on others.

Maybe someone could ask the big honcho av makers what they have issues with and what they would prefer people to do, and compile it into a topic. (i.e. common mistakes/courtesies/etc.)