General King Thread



Im surprised one haven’t been made yet considering how great a character king is.

If you have any strategies please share… it will be well appreciated.


actually I posted a bunch of shit on King.

just make the forum date longer, like right now you’re only seeing threads that have had new posts in like the past week or so, do like 30 days and my threads should come up. Gunter and couple other people came up with some really nice CCs including mid-screen CC options which are hard to come by.


I am seriously getting annoyed with all these “general” threads in the character specific forums. There’s a REASON the forums were divided by characters. It is completely redundant to have an all-King forum and then make a thread WITHIN that forum for general strats. The PURPOSE of the forum is to have short threads about specific things, like wake up options, RC situations, block strings, etc. That way people can find out what they want really fast, instead of having to search through pages of “general strategies”.


I have to agree

I have to agree with gunter…
Being kind of new to the forum, I’m having hard time to sort things out.

more than that, it’s not that “user friendly” to read tons of mutlipages “general thread”.

Anyway, it’s sooooo interesting that this is worth it… but it could be better.