General MUGEN Thread


(Forgive me if this is the wrong place to put this; I don’t post very often on here so I’m kind of new with which things go where. I used the search feature and didn’t see any Mugen threads either.)

I recently started playing around with the Mugen engine a few days ago, and I’ve spent days customizing all kinds of shit. The sad fact is though, that pretty much no one I know even knows what Mugen is, nonetheless how to use it. Google isn’t that much help either since all the Mugen-based forums and such seem to be a barren wasteland as well.

That being said, this thread will basically be a general discussion for all that is Mugen, and things that have to do with Mugen. I’m sure I can’t be the only person with all of these specific questions on my mind in regards to some of the more complex features of the software.

Also, here’s a list of a lot of great Mugen sites to download chars, stages, ect. These aren’t warehouses, all creations are credited and properly linked. (This one has a lot of good rare chars)

Also, ‘’ isn’t a Mugen-based website, but typing in “mugen” into the search bar and then the name of ANY char you’re looking for usually brings it right up. It’s an awesome site I use when I can’t find something I’m looking for anywhere else.

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All I know about Mugen right now is some dude who made a super-badass Goku finally made a Mr. Satan as well…with Vegeta on the way.


Mugen is great, yeah. I always play it when I want a “dream” match in a certain stage. Where else can Batman fight Ryu, lol? I have about 200 characters or so in my current Mugen.


What kind of Mugen thread doesn’t link to Elecbyte?


I’d like more it if there was more accurate characters. I always thought it would be awesome for some top street fighter player who played Ryu well to play against some top fatal fury player’s Terry. I kinda feel like CFJ had a lot of potential, it was just executed poorly.

edit: Why isn’t Mugen open source? Isn’t the purpose of it to make your own fighting game? There’d be so much more potential.


I was under the impression it was open source.

Also, with the character accuracy, I know what you mean. Most chars feel like…loose. Lol. I think it’s just a matter of computer latency mixed with finding the EXACT right edition of the character as well.


Forgot, thanks. Fixed.


Uhg, really?



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  2. Nobody gives a fuck about Mugen.