General offensive/defensive issues concerning Iron Man + matchups

Alright so I got half of what I really want so far out of the Iron Man forum with the pressure/mix up thread. Although I feel another thread that directly focuses on the problems that Iron Man has is the best way to get things going faster in that thread also.

Basically this is the thread where we can just totally get into Negative Nancy/Debbie Doubter stuff about Iron Man. I feel like I’ve heard things here and there about his issues (and people feel he has a lot initially it seems) so it’ll be good to have a way to see it all in one place. Instead of hearing some here and hearing some there and not really knowing where to direct the character.

If you feel Iron Man is butt garbage and pretty much is in the wrong game…this is the thread to come in and post the reasons why and just get it all out there. Although the ultimate goal of this thread is to use that information to get him above that status on point (whether it does or doesn’t require assists).

The reason for this being is I think the best way to start things off for a character that people generally feel isn’t that great or just generally hasn’t shown to be good…is just accept that they are not good. The reason for this is that if they truly aren’t good you won’t be creating delusions for yourself of a character that really doesn’t have that much potential. On the other hand…if the character is to be actually a decent to great character it’s always best to know what are the issues of your character and how to overcome them. If not that at least the best way to play to the character’s strengths.

Then once we get that down we can also use this as a matchup thread vs. the different characters.

From there I’d like to see a list from everyone of what they feel are the issues regarding his offense and defense and what can be done utilizing the character himself and/or other assists to deal with those issues (considering you feel that issue can be overcome to begin with).

I’ll go in and list the ones that I can remember from what people have said and some things that I feel myself combined.

Offensive Issues

  1. Has trouble ADDFing in from normal jump (or even a low dash cancelled super jump) to the same effectiveness of other Marvel 8 way dashers like Magneto or Doom.

  2. Has trouble hit confirming from the max range of his c.M and the max range of his s.H at normal jump heights.

  3. Definite execution/spacing requirements to convert from super jump height that will obvious change if you are fighting stadard or are in XF2/3.

  4. Seemingly no ability to combo off throws on the ground unless they are in the corner (although his throw does push them far towards the corner).

  5. Air throw range is said to be limited compared to other characters. I feel there’s more factors than just the range of air throw that determines how strong a character’s air throw is (like the speed of their jump/dash). Either way it’s an issue.

  6. Converting off air throw into combos seems to be height dependent. If they are too high it seems you can’t combo without an assist.

  7. Rather slow travelling dashes when in flight mode.

  8. Having to wait 11 frames to cancel your dash into attacks. Used to this with Doom and in some ways it’s better than Doom but ultimately forces Iron Man to have to be airborne often like Doom and cover his ground dash carefully with well spaced pokes or assists.

  9. Having to wait 10 frames to cancel his air dash into attacks (with the exception of the air back dash I believe).

Defensive Issues

  1. Aerial normals have long horizontal range but are rather small in vertical hit box minus a couple. Making it easy for people to bully you with rushdown if you’re not spacing well or covering with assist.

  2. The slow speed of his air dashes making it easy for rushdown characters to invade your space if you are not on point with your normals.

  3. Has a lot of defensive techniques but you kind of have to grind them out for a while since you don’t have a pan or a pipe like Haggar that you can just swing around and turn into death combos. Some people have argued this issue makes him like a bad version of Sentinel on point.

  4. Only has one move that really seems to hit people if they dash behind you. He’s made strangely normal wise in that everything is designed to bully people as long as they are in front of you but as soon as they get behind you you are in big danger of dying. Something as simple as Wolverine or X-23 dashing under you one time can pretty much spell the end of Iron Man. Which seems similar to Sentinel except Sentinel is also way easier to use in general.

  5. His special moves that are designed for screen coverage require you to commit heavily without an assist and doesn’t really have any special move he can just throw out there on its own without an assist and get profit as easily as some of the top tiers. The closest thing would be repulsor blast/spread but it doesn’t reliably lead to anything on hit but supers a bit of an air juggle if timed perfectly. Definitely seems like you have to use the different specials in conjunction and with assists to get the most effectiveness. Which makes using him by himself to zone very awkward.

Misc. stuff

  1. No safe on block DHC. Characters with tracking teleports or fast full screen supers can easily punish.

  2. Unibeam assist places Iron Man next to your point character so you have to call Iron man then pre emptively move forward so your point character can cover the assist. Which then makes him work more like Doom’s beam does where it will protect you from hits and getting put in combos. Doom always appears a step or 2 behind the point character so you can just auto pilot call him in comparison to get relief from a situation that may otherwise put you in a combo.

Iron man is pretty ass in this game, he has no offensive tools whatsoever if the other person has an idea what he’s facing simply because his forward movement is so bad, while his box dash might not be the worst it’s pretty poor compared to other forward air dashes and is pretty easily stuffed or avoided. This delegates you to playing a zoning game, which he’s decent at against some characters but is pretty much nulified by the best characters. Zero’s air control is 10x that of Tony’s rendering most of his game useless, anyone with a teleport goes straight under him, and as DJ pointed out he’s pretty fucked at that point, and characters like taskmaster just out prioritize him projectile wise while having much better offensive options. Iron man only shines vs. bad characters and even then you have to play perfectly because of IM’s lack of real pressure. Winning with this character is very possible because of the general lack of vs. Iron Man matchup knowledge, most people’s poor ability to play against good keepaway, and his ability to kill off of most anything-- however I wouldn’t put this character a hair above bottom tier as a point character, and his assist is outshined in the majority of situations anyway.

Sorry to be a downer, but unfortunately theory never wins in marvel, and that’s what a whole lot of Iron Man’s “best stuff” is. I might post a more definitive list later.

You’re welcome to be a downer in this thread so no need to be sorry.

It seems basically what you’ve come down to is he can’t win consistently on point even with assists against any of the other characters that are higher tier stocked with assists. Which is fair enough.

I wouldn’t go as far to say as theory never wins in Marvel though because I’ve theorized plenty of things that are now big tournament winning threats. If you want theory to win THIS IS THE GAME honestly. Knew Zero was going to be surefire top tier in both Vanilla and Ultimate while people doubted. Knew Morrigan + Missiles was going to be some stupid ass shit eventually. Know Vergil is going to be way more of a problem than people know etc.

I’ve even doubted other people’s teams that are now big threats in tournaments so I’ve done the downer stuff myself with other people’s characters/teams only to see them do better.

Maybe Iron Man is not that type of character but for me Marvel is the perfect kind of game for theory to become reality with all of the death touches and how everyone generally has something really powerful with the right assists or general team management.

I would say it’s at least safe to theorize that with the right amount of practice and creativity that Iron Man can be a decent threat on point and still at least provide some of the game’s best assists.

The only thing I’ve really theorized about Iron Man myself is that he is most likely a better character than people think he is. How much better I don’t know but I think there’s room.

LOL. i perfectly agree with both of your assesments. i dont think tony will ever be high tier and when i call something that he does “AWESOME!!!” i mean awesome for tony… for another character it would just be meh.

that having been said, dont sleep on his boxjump S unless you’ve tried it for more than an hour or so and more than just his forward version… his forward version needs setting up and is useless if you arent calling out a lockdown assist while doing it. so that means anytime you use it… call a lockdown. if you dont you arent using the move to its fullest potential. also i dont know of any character that has as high a priority move with as much range both from there airdash and from tonys normal itself that also hits below him that can be done in either direction.

as i see it the only boxdashes hat compare to tonys are dantes whos air H is nowhere near as good as tonys S… i’d know cause i use dante as well DJ can probably back me up on that… maybe not though. chuns… but she cant back airdash which makes hers overly predictable, plus she has nowhere near the range that tonys has once again i’dknow since i used to main her. and zeros… erm i never see zeros use his boxdash cause it sucks… i cant really think of any other boxdashes… we’ll never see mags use his, storms is a bit better but not much cause of her normals, trishs is decent… probably the closest to tonys. dorms… is not so great IIRC. basically all airdashers have subpar normals and there boxdashes reflect that.

oh i forgot about tron… ok there is one character that flatout has a better boxdash than tony. unfortunately for her, her boxdash confirms were nerfed and she has no unibeam.

if tron had a unibeam she would be godlike

if she were tony that is… any other character, its meh.


Yeah right now I’m looking for a move that will help Tony from getting dash undered because that’s how I’m getting blown up the most right now. Somebody dashes under Tony, dead Tony. I’ll definitely be messing around with the box jump S in both directions and see the mileage I get.

The main problem with Dante’s box jump M/H although it’s really fast and covers good range is that some of the better characters in the game can completely duck under every normal he can use in his box jump (other than slow start up S). Morrigan can pretty much just look at Dante air dashing all over her face and doesn’t have to worry about a thing. What a lot of people probably don’t know is that even bigger characters like Taskmaster can c.M (I think even c.L but definitely c.M) under the box dash M/H and punish Dante.

With Tony’s box dash S at least I’ll know for sure that shit won’t whiff on anybody as long as I’m in front of them. Plus he has his own high/low mix up once he gets in that can’t simply be crouched or footsied under.

I actually think Dante’s air dash h is better than IM’s box jump s, because Dante can do more with it and it beats just as many moves. I actually think IM’s box jump is the best in the game, but he can’t do much with it other than s, although it has a insane hit box, but it doesn’t hit both sides and lead to retarded confirms like Hagger, Sentinel and Nova.

I find one way to stop people dashing and teleport behind IM is j.s into fly and c.h into fly. Since characters auto correct in flight it will give you enough time to turn around and save yourself (won’t work against Wolverine, because he would have already hit you before you get to cancel). C.h into Replusor also works, but some characters can hit though its random blind spot, so you can have to cancel into spread quickly.

IM against Zero is like a 9-1 match up against him. While he can temporary hold Zero off with some zoning, but Zero’s better normal (god damn sword!), air and ground control will beat him and once IM gets hit its over. All I can say about this match up is stay sharp and stay alive by hitting the skys and throw air beam and bomb, make sure you never come down.

I like to add his mix-ups lack range to the offensive issues. Since you have to be really close just for the ADD stuff to even connect.

one last thing i’ll say about box dash S even though ive said it a bunch of times already:

ITS ONLY GOOD AS A LEAD IN FOR A LOCKDOWN ASSIST (at least the forward version of it) for that reason alone i wouldnt expect it to do much on dankes team. nor will it do good on DJ’s team unless he uses jam session with it. at anchor or with a slow ass assist like missiles it wont even have half of its strength. the point of the move is to MAKE CONTACT… doesnt matter if it hits nor if its blocked… its basically a high priority dash attack with lockdown property the way i use it. same as repulsor xx drones only easier to run and faster with a little less range if doing the shortest version. getting hit out of it shouldnt be much of an issue cause if you understand how to use it you should only be using the forward version FROM NEAR MAX RANGE DISTANCE. if you are to close for that USE THE DASH BACK VERSION. thats basically all i do when i run it… are they close? air dash back +drones > air S. Are they far? do the same thing only this time press forward. its HUGE shield in front of IM that covers the entire frontal portion of his body as well as some below it. in order to beat it the opponent will have to divekick it or projectile it or run the fuck away from it… generally speaking. there are matchup specific things that will beat it, but thats matchup specific. it wont help tony combat projectile wars at all (of course) it wont help aganst teleporters not named wolverine (it can stuff badly spaced timed/spaced berserker slashs) its primarily designed as a way to get imba ass drones or beam assist or lockdown out on the battle field at a good time and in productive spacing to TRY and gain a mixup opportunity.

other than that its a decent way just to get lockdown assists on the field via airdashback S without getting 2’ferd by another characters normals… you can still get 2’ferd by beam assists and, well i already said that. look for it. and finally it gives the opponent SOMETHING TO LOOK FOR so that IM can start up his aerial smartbomb game. instead of being chased all over the goddamned map willy nilly.

my opponents mostly run away from me which brings it own set of challenges… but at least this addresses some of his issues on defense and punishes sloppy spacing. if people are expecting more… use zero :rofl: ( i jest)

i apologize for the slight rant since this is the salty thread.


Maybe this part of the UMVC 3 thread should come up w/ Tony’s Rules of Engagement. The what to do and not to do during matches to have an effective IM. Tony can be (and should be) a top tier character but the air dash and double jump nerfs really took away most of his mobility. Yes he has the longest distance out of all the characters air dashes but its wasted due to his plodding start up on dashes. You can’t even plink (wave) dash in the air consistently to get away from pressure. Also his tri dashes are unreliable IMO. Has anybody found a way to consistently tri dash?

so who do you guys think are ironmans worst matchups and who do you think are his best?

the matchups where i feel most out of my comfort zone and lost is against ghostrider or nemesis backed with missiles or strider… basically IM cant really fight them on the ground and in the air he gets bopped by the assists. i have no answer to these guys besides sub in another character that has a really good air movement move or a really fast ground dash.

ive always thought that he handled wesker decently.


Well overall I think the bigger thing about box dash j.S is that it DOES SOMETHING to help with the issue of people dashing under Iron Man.

I’ll have to try the flight stuff, sounds interesting.

IM vs. Zero…this is obviously going to in Zero’s favor considering most matches (if he’s loaded with assists especially) are in his favor but…it’s not 9-1 bad. There’s some really bad matches in this game but I feel the only really really bad like near impossible shit that you’re talking about is when some high tier character is fighting a low tier by themselves. Like Dorm + missiles or Morrigan + Missiles beats Haggar without an assist like 9-1 probably yeah. Iron Man even without XF and no assists…I can’t see losing 9-1 bad to Zero.

I feel this mainly because you bring up swords and sword is like THE LEAST issue Tony has to worry about I feel against Zero. X-23 and Wolverine have to worry more about Zero’s swords than Iron Man does. Their tiny footsies have to work hard to get around the exaggerated hit bubbles of Zero’s swords that are active for like 5 years. Like I said earlier I believe there’s only a few characters that normal wise can really challenge Tony and as good as Zero is I think even he doesn’t have the range on his normals to contend with well space Tony normals especially with assists. The main issue is just for right now people can’t convert those normals into damage often enough so Zero will win sword wise through numbers but, if you place your j.H’s and j.S’s correctly I don’t see how Zero’s swords should be that big of a deal. You should be taking big damage off Zero IMO if he’s mainly running swords.

The main problem I feel Tony is going to have vs. Zero is just he doesn’t have anything as cheap for zoning or transitioning to offense as charged buster lightning cancels. Of course since Zero is a low health character Capcom is just going to give him whatever the hell they feel like giving him cuz he has low health. You have to really respect charge buster to lightning because it can shut down poor assist calls easily and it doesn’t give a crap about how long your normals are or how many times you can get unibeam out on the screen. Unless Zero is like near max range if you get caught by it you can just die right there. It’s funny that they took away his hard knockdown on buster but now he has something that’s arguably even more cheap. Sogenmu also allows him to basically shut down anything you have that’s good for 8 or so seconds at the cost of not being able to build meter.

Right now I’m having a lot of trouble with characters that are fast with wave dash movement and can quickly dash under any poor spacing in your aerial zoning or pressure. Like Wolvie/Baby Wolvie, Storm, Jill, Spider Man, those characters are really scary to fight because it seems you have to be near pristine with your zoning or you will get the dash under and lose. Learning how to effectively plink dash, bunny hop and box jump will probably help my success rate against those types of characters though. Which is funny cuz that’s basically the same shit Sentinel loses all day to.

I guess Wesker could fit into this also but I haven’t fought against a good Wesker with Iron Man yet to really say. One random teleport that you’re not watching out for I’m sure is gonna get Tony in some problems although I doubt it’s his worst matchup either.

Nemesis and Ghost Rider I wouldn’t be surprised as trouble matchups since they are one of the few sets of characters I believe that can challenge the range of Iron Man’s normals. If they have an assist that covers their head then I’m sure Iron Man will really have to improvise to get in. Luckily those characters are most likely only going to ever amount to anything big in the battery/point spot of the team so you could most likely just put Tony in 2nd spot and have a character with faster movement up first to challenge them.

Akuma seems really annoying also since he can just beam or tatsu through all of your projectile based special moves. You definitely kick the shit out of his normals but it’s will most likely require a really smart knack for Iron Man’s normal and spacing game to deal with his tatsu crap. Being projectile immune on tatsu means pretty much all of your special moves can and will get shut down.

Captain America with a strong long ranged assist is probably gonna be pretty bad too unless you block your ass off.

As far as matchups I feel comfortable in…I generally feel like I just don’t understand enough about the character to say which matchups I think are strong for him yet. I feel like there’s some things about certain matchups where he could do well if I knew this or that. Not knowing enough though I tend to just get my good and bad days vs. most of the other cast.

Like sometimes playing against Zero, I’ll just zone the shit out his normals and take hits off of him and then get time to move in with jam session assist land a small combo and kill him off (that will require no meter spend from all the damage/chip he took from normals + specials and assists. TBH other than the start of the round bullshit I feel more comfortable using Iron Man against Zero than I do X-23 vs. Zero if I get the right spacing. With X-23 I basically just have to outmaneuver the shit out of him and hope I force him to block something where then I can kill him pretty fast. If X-23 is at a range though she basically just has to act like a fly and pressure with dive kicks because those are the only things that will clean beat or trade with his sword stuff.

Iron Man is a no longer a tri dash character anymore. In this game Capcom’s goal was to make sure each character felt as unique as possible so they messed around with his tri dash movement for the sake of diversity (which probably has something to do with Nova being put in the game).

Due to his inability to tri dash in the same way as the other 8 way dashers like Magneto or Doom and having limited options to deal with cross ups and dash unders that don’t involve box jump S’ or repulsor blasts, you really have to play around a zone game now. If you have the right assists you can use those assists to lead you into a rushdown but even then if you want a real mix up I feel it’s probably better to learn stuff like dash up jump cancel air L, box jump M or S, or super jump forward ADD M or whiff into c.M.

You’re going to have to play more like Sentinel with an actual high/low game to get results out of his now basically.

Actually IM can’t even hit Zero because of Zero’s air mobility and Charged Buster. The Lightning and Buster crap makes it really hard for IM to call assists, without assist IM is useless. Zero doesn’t need to go in against IM because Charge Buster will beat everything and when he does, he goes on top of IM and its over. I think it is a lot harder for IM to even catch Zero coming in than Zero just going nuts.

Basically Zero can also stay in the air and do whatever he wants and there is not much IM can do it. Maybe it is not 9-1 but it is at best 7.5-2.5 against the poor Tony Stark.

I feel the worst match-ups against the top tiers are: Zero, Magneto, Fireband, Dormammu, and Strider. Because they neither too fast and mobile, have tracking teleports to go though IM’s zoning, or they just win from full screen. I think the other top tier like Wesker, Vergil, Dante are a bit of a problem, but you can still control some space against them, because they can’t beat you full screen.

i thought all of the iron man threads were the bitching threads?

i’m actually playing shellhead a lot more recently. the initial shock has kinda worn off, so i’m trying to rework this character into something that works. one big hole in his game that you guys don’t seem to be talking about is anti-air combos. tony really lacks a hella good normal like magnus/doom st.jab. both of those characters don’t have to give a fuck about hit-confirming because not only does their S combo after jab, but their S’s are safe. tony, well shit, tony has to try and work around his normals just to get anything. i honestly try and anti-air with proton cannon much more than i try and jab into air combo because it’s more reliable damage. his other best options are like 5A, 5B, S (which doesn’t combo from full range) or 5A, 5B, 5C, fly, krispy (which is way too height specific). if they’re close enough and you get the 5A, 5B, S you can do around 900 for one bar, but expect people to randomly tech out and expect to work twice as hard to get people to the right height to finish your plate.

aside from that, i’ve been trying to find ways to work around his other issues. i’ve found a new air throw combo that is reliable anywhere onscreen, new swag tac combos, and i’ve just been looking to completely change my playstyle with him and find new ways to auto-pilot and open people up. gonna do a video soon. i’ve got way too much shit i haven’t recorded yet.

A general thread, maybe a beginner’s guide if you will, would be really good at some point. I feel like its information overload with all these different threads and I really don’t know what I should be working on in training mode (at this point I’ve sunk most of my time into Tony and have kind of ignored my other two characters, something I’m not too happy about.) A general guide, maybe expanded upon what the Brady guide has, would be really good.

I’ve been thinking of making one, I may try to confer with some other I’m players and see what we can get done in terms of a guide.

Right now I feel Doom is a nightmare for Ironman. You cant chase him in the air because of foot dive. He can avoid your aerial smart bomb offense. Air fighting against him is dangerous again because of foot dive. Range game can end in neutral most of the time until he starts using meter.

If anyone else is having issues against him I’d love to hear your solutions. My approach is to always box dash straight. If he’s in the air, jump and dash STRAIGHT. It feels that I will always lose if i dash diagonal towards him whether that be up or down. From here I try to use j. H to annoy him. Air grabs I feel are too dangerous so i just try to annoy with unibeam and j.H until I gain the upperhand. This is very high risk because you can spend half the fight doing this and he’ll just need 1 footdive to kill.

i feel like in an anchor 1on1 situation, iron man beats doom by a small margin. he can stay in the upper corner of the screen which is a problem area for doom and keep chipping him down with unibeam if doom decides to photon, fly photon. in grounded situations, a quick tk unibeam will hold him in place, provided that you aren’t trying to test plasma beam’s better durability. but if doom is at a life disadvantage, those tk uinbeams are going to prevent him from moving in. repulsor, j.C and j.S will beat out C footdive all day. if he does get in S footdive range, always try to be above him. smart bombs and all of iron man’s jumping normals will win so long as you’re above footdive. doom’s main weakness is taking care of people above him in air-to-air situations.

if we’re talking about a point on point situation, iron man is in for a much tougher time. especially if doom has strider. focusing on punishing strider lets doom in for free, focusing on doom means you’re gonna get hit by strider. you really have to keep that match at mid-range distance where you can use your normals to their fullest because you’re gonna lose fullscreen. up close, iron man’s normals are really hard for doom to deal with, so long as you don’t take risks and challenge footdive. stay at 5B/2B’s max range and outpoke him and look for situations to lock him down and run your high/low.

IM against Doom one on one is like a Guile mirror match in Street Fighter. Whoever lose the life lead and start chasing the other guy loses. Generally speaking IM has a slight advantage (definitely an advantage if they both have xfactor on deck) because he has air Uni-beam to beat most of Doom’s air options and SB is kind of even with his finger lasers but with much more damage, and IM can travel faster in the air than Doom, so he can score more random air to air hit with his long normals. Another thing you can do is when Doom got lazy with the Plasma beam, you can box jump over it from far away and hit him with j.s into combo. The only thing you should worry about is Doom’s hyper finger lasers, which will beat all your moves apart from level 3 (if you ever hit him with a Uni-beam, you can hit confirm into this even from almost full screen!) and don’t try to air throw him or you are eating foot dive in the face. Doom has stronger movement and options close range, because of his cross-up j.m and fast short dashes, so stay away.

The trick in this match up is don’t get greedy (unless you want to get foot dived), and stay focus with your footsies (don’t charge at him and away from foot dive range and j.h, and be sure to air to air early the foot dive or Doom is kicking you into a combo) and zoning to slowly grind the match down. However this match up with assist is completely different, I think its assist dependent on who has the advantage.

I use early s.h xx fly or chain into c.h for anti airs, I think this is the best anti air for IM and it is safe as well as able to auto pilot into combo.

If anything Doom is Iron Man’s best match ups against top tiers. Repuslor blast beats foot dive. Repulsor blast beats photo ray. You can jump in the air and use unibeam and doom can’t hit you. Also Up h is your best friend.

Anyways I think Iron Man’s worst match-ups are Akuma, Ammy, Viper, Captain America, Jill, Hawkeye, Hulk, Spider-Man, and Zero.

Akuma: I think Tatsu beats everything Tony can do except RB. Akuma basically forces IM to go into the air.

Ammy: She can super on reaction to anything Iron Man can do plus I think her and rocket raccon is the hardest person for IM to confirm a combo on.

Captain America: Unless you have assist backing you up I don’t think Iron Man can do anything. Dash in and got hit by a random shield slash. Use unibeam and get hit by a shield charge.

Viper: Seismo beat repulsor and unibeam and so does ex thunder knuckle.

Jill: Her dive kick is really strong and hard to time correctly with repulsor blast. She can dash past unibeam and punish alot of his stuff.

Hawkeye: Heavy zoning. Iron Man can’t really do anything.

Hulk: Maybe not by alot put st h puts the work in on iron man.

Spider Man: His string of moves are rediculous. Due to his multiple option in the air its hard to time repulsor blast and web grab beat irom man when he rushes down.

Zero: Already discussed above

Now here are the matchups that might look bad but they are not really as bad.

Wesker: Iron Man can controll space with wesker and has alot of option. When I play a wesker i usually can rushdown with SjADD S cr.m fly s. He can use unibeam to stop gun pressure and repulsor to stop teleports.

Wolvie: IM can pretty much win this by zoning. ADB s really beats anything wolvie can rush you down with. You can easily react to a dive kick with a repulsor unless they are right in front of you. Smart bombs can maybe be good but I don’t use them much so I wouldn’t know.

Virgil: RB pretty much owns this matchup. You can also rush down Virgil because i down think he has any moves to push your approach besides his largly unsafe st.s

Ghost Rider: Dash up repulsor blast really beats him bad. He doesn’t have anything to punish it unless it whiffs. Smart bomb pressure is also really good.

For the record, Iron Man has one of the easiest Tatsu punishes in the game. The move is still a big threat though, and his air fireballs are always obnoxious for the slow, clunky character that is Iron Man.