General- Panic during matches?

I’ve putting in a ton of time in USF4 recently (prepping for sfv). Occasionally I’ll flip on fight request on training to get some real fights in, but kne of two outcomes occur. A) I panic and mash and drop combos like madman or B ) I panic and don’t throw anything out at all. How do you stay calm during matches?

More matches more matches more matches. Every online player goes through this stage when starting out. It will pass. Just get 20 matches in a day on top of your other training.

When you’re first starting out being nervous during matches is a regular thing, especially during ranked when there are points on the line (try not to worry about these too much though) only way to get rid of this is experience so you’ll have to play lots of matches to get rid of it. I recommend making or joining other people’s lobbies in endless so you can get matches quicker.

I agree with this. Seeing that you might be a beginner like myself (picked it up a week ago) I found a friend online (2 actually) to play endless with. They’re both using dummy accounts and pretty good at the game and I played endless with them and its really been helping tons. Im really glad i met those 2.

Pretty much what everyone else has already said; just keep playing. Just about everyone experiences this at the start, I know I did for the first couple months. Once you become more familiar with in-game situations and get used to playing against live opponents you’ll start to calm down.

Damn lol that’s just a practice thing dude it comes with time