General Purpose Info Requested For Custom Fightstick

I’ve decided I’m making a fight stick, 'cause there’s no other controller I seem to end up using when I go to my friends then his Mad Catz Tournament Edition S.

The art’s completed, the general design is done and I’m only really waiting for measurements and money.

Before I do anything more though I need to know a couple of things…

1: Because the art I’ve made uses art is partially see-through, I want to sandwich it between two plexiglass panels. Can I attach the stick and buttons and stick directly to the plexiglass without worry of it breaking, cracking, etc.

2: With the partially transparent art, Where can I get it printed it out at?

3: Where can I get plexiglass that’s around the same size as the top panel of the Mad Catz Tournament Edition S?

3.5:Speaking of that, what are the dimensions of that sticks top area?

4:How does one go about cutting the plexiglass one I get it?

  1. Take look at the tek-innovations website at his plexiglass tops. He has a mounting system for his clear tops that you should look into.

  2. You may have to cut out the would-be transparent areas or go to a professional print shop and see what they can do.

3.) See #1. Send an email to the owner of the site and see what he can do for you. He may be able to get you a TE sized plexiglass top without the turbo panel and screw holes cut out. Otherwise, you’re on your own mostly.

4.) Hole saws, drills, and plexiglass cutters work well for the different types of cuts. Read up online and watch youtube videos because there are nuances to drilling/cutting plastics with power tools.

Trust us on this one, unless you already have the tools, and knowledge when it comes to woodworking/building, your best bet for your specs is a tek-innovations case. As for wiring, that’s easy enough. Read the stickies for anything you need to know. Ask questions after stickies do not give you an answer.

Good luck with your build.

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