General question about tournaments


I was curious in regards to which fighting game tournaments are the biggest & best. I know that Evolution and SBO are at the top of the list, but I was wondering what the next largest tournaments are.

BTW, pardon me if this isn’t the best place to put this. The tournament discusson thread topics are all about specific tournaments, and I didn’t feel that was a good place for this…


Should have went with your first instinct and went to the tournament discussion section. I know Final Round is big, Devastation was pretty big this year, but thats all i can really name without looking in the tourney discussion area. I would say maybe take some of the tourney names you see in that section, look up some youtube vids with crowd shots and determine for yourself.


Yeah, I did look there at some of the tournament names, I just thought the thread would look a little out of place there. Anyways, I just figured maybe there are some “historically” large tournaments that most people would consider to be major, other than the obvious 2 I named. I remember seeing some of the stream of Devastation, and it did seem pretty big. I was impressed with how professional their stream broadcast was as well.


I’m not entirely sure all these tournaments are still running, but beyond the ones you listed…

T series
Seasons Beatings

There are some other ones, but I only listed ones I know for sure have been running for a while. There are also tons of other huge events in Japan, but they tend to be 1 game events unlike the regional/major tournaments out here.


Evo - closest thing to an international, national even in the USA
Final Round - Biggest tournament on the East Coast
NEC - North Eastern Regional tournament
Season Beatings - Big tournament
MWC - Regional midwest tournament
California Regional - biggest West Coast tournament?
Texas Showdown - Texas based major

For the most part, anything outside of Evo tend to be mostly regional based. And of course you’ll get different opinions based on each Coast. It appears West Coast players don’t know as much about Final Round as East Coast players. And I’m sure there are majors on the West Coast that eludes East coast players.


This year Season’s Beatings in Columbus is going to have Wong and Daigo. It’s going to be huge.


I didn’t include this or WCW because they aren’t really established perennial tournaments when compared to like FR or the T series.