General Question I Have

I’ve been playing for sometime and I have a question. I’ve played against this guy whose alot better than me, and says that if I really want to get good, I need to play many different fighting games to really get a good understanding and unversal technique. So I wanted to know what you all though of this. Is it good to learn alot of different fighting games or shoudl I just play what I like not worry about it. He recently got me play Tekken and Virtua Fighter which i’m not really into since 3d isn’t my thing, but says it’s good to learn many games. Personally I’ve always thought that the less fighters you play the more you can learn your character and game to it’s full extent instead of learning many. Like in a fighting game, you don’t want to have 12 characters that you “play” as mains. You want 1 and if you really learn them well or are having a extremely bad matchup you learn someone else. Anyway, just want to here some opinions.

You = 1
Him = 0

He’s right that having a general “sense” of fighting will help across the board, but don’t feel pressured to go play a bunch of stuff you don’t like just because some schmoe said so.

Look at the way oldschool players like Valle or Watson handle 3s. They were both great at games that came way before, but the skills still carry over into the new game. That’s basically what he’s talking about. Ohnuki may be a God of Chun in 3s, but he was also a really good VF player for a while too. Everyone’s favourite Daigo has just as badass a Sol in GGXX as he does a Ken in 3s. The style of the person comes through in the gameplay, they just polish their skills differently for each game.

All that rambling to say: Play what you want. The guy meant well, but it’s something you learn over time. No reason to push it.


I think there is a lot of truth in what he’s saying, but then again, “fighting games” are not your job and the marginal improvement you’ll see from playing a variety of different fighting games probably won’t improve your skills in 3s enough to be worth the time investment.

The reason I think he’s right is because if you only play one fighting game, you can get into bad habits of doing only one thing or abusing the flaws in the game. For example, if you really enjoyed the “parry” function on third strike, you could rely on it too heavily and ignore the other aspects of getting into another person’s head and figuring him out, or setting up an opponent for damage, etc. If you played VF, GG, etc. as well, you would have to balance out your thinking and get better at playing the opponent instead of focusing on getting better at the game mechanics of 3s.

That’s not to say that you can’t develop yomi or intuition by just playing third strike… Just that I think the guy who plays a variety of fighters will be FORCED to develop this intuition, and therefore he will probably be even better at 3s since he will know how to apply these strengths over a variety of system mechanics.

Nuki also probably has one of the 3 best ST Chun’s in the world.