General Strategies

I must say, I greatly appreciate the overviews for each of the Super Arts, but I feel like Oro needs a more broad thread for general strategies and so forth. To be completely honest, I don’t have much to contribute. I’ve played third strike enough to say that I’m pretty familiar with the system, but I’ve only just recently taken an interest in Oro. I don’t anything aside from the chicken feet combo and the super art combos from the SlimX video. I’m looking for some tips that will help me in my understanding of how to approach playing Oro. Any input is welcome, especially from you gurus out there.



best approach is just turtle until you get meter. best meter move would be the air chicken kick.

A full chicken combo gives you almost an entire tengu meter if i remember correctly.

More like 2/3 but it’s still pretty damn good.

So true… especially if you have a stun bar like remy’s.

Also, I see the standing medium kick fucking me up a lot. A certain turtle <D Punk COUGH> has mastered the vagaries of oro and beat me using those two moves exclusively on occasion.

really use kicks… hmm when I use Oro I do lots of double jumps, universal throw and command throws

then for basic attacks I use forward strong followed by strong

for wakeup I jump as they get up - double jump when they are up and then chicken kick them in the air occasionally landing and doing UT instead

of course I’m first learning Oro so its probably not the best tactics - just some stuff to consider.

Thanks for the input, everyone. I think I have a pretty good feel for the poking game in general, as it applies in the street fighter universe. I think that will really be necessary in order to effectively play Oro. I’d also definitely say that your suggestions are supported in the few japanese videos I’ve watched. I was wondering if there are any tricks with his command moves that might not be so obvious at first glance. I’m clearly aware that Oro’s comboing potential is rather limited, but anything that might help to broaden my awareness of his attacks is useful.

I was playing a friend the other day and I had him block while he was in the corner in training mode. Whenever I would do the HK chicken feet move, from about mid poke range, it would cross him up with ease. I was wondering if anyone might have any ideas on ways to take advantage of this in traps or combos. Also…any body got any cool resets? The only useful one I’ve managed to work out is s.lp after two rotations of the chicken feet followed by cross-under and relaunch.


i woudn’t rely on cross up chicken kick with oro. good players will see that shit and just walk forward and combo/throw you as you land or just jump back and attack.

if you want one, here’s something i do occasionally just to mix things up. as your opponent is on the ground and getting back up just dash up next to them, throw a wiffed jap or a wiffed standing strong (this confuses them), then to a short chicken kick. one hit should cross up if not 2. i won’t cross up against some characters and at the moment i don’t know which. maybe you can tell us.

again, don’t rely on chicken kick cross ups to win. just turtle to build meter and unleash that mofo.

does jumping roundhouse actually combo with the close standing middle punch? I can’t seem to get this combo to work at all. Is it a straight up and down roundhouse or a jumping towards roundouse?

Yes it combos, I do it as often as possible. I combo it from the jumping towards jump, although i don’t see why it wouldn’t combo from a straight up jump too, I’ll have to try that. Anyway you just have to do the roundhouse really late. That’s about all I can say about that, it’s kind of like learning to combo makoto’s standing fierce off her jump-in roundhouse :wink:

Super jump cancel the first hit of the medium punch.

uh you can super jump cancel off a j.rh? doing the j.rh so that it comes out right before you touch the ground (but before it’s unable to come out at all… strict timing) will allow you to connect the you can also do a ken style late crossover into as well. i don’t have much advice on learning to do it as i’m not very good at it myself (it’s luck to me if i can pull it out as i can’t constantly abuse it).

good poke to use in the beginning is the the, when you learn about Oro’s range of attacks, use the and if they are far enough so that you don’t get punished by uppercut style moves or moves that have invincible start up use s.rh for nice stun and dmg.

other then the chicken scratch combo, you can also combo into the command grab for additional stun damage.

also, learn to abuse Oro’s dash. His dash can go under any high hitting moves and can go under fireballs as well. Back dash is really quick so it’s usually good to poke dash out and dash back in poke and repeat so you can find your chances to land the chicken scratch combo. with Oro, i find the best way to play Oro is to be as aggressive as possible with the only need to be defensive is to back dash pokes/attacks and go right back in to pressure the opponent. Oro doesn’t have much of a range game and because of my style of play, turtling isn’t really much of an option for me. Also is really useless against a good player who knows how to parry well.