General Strategy Discussion

I’m surprised a thread hasn’t been made for this already. Simply post all of the universal techniques that most characters can do and I’ll add them to this post.


Neither one of those are general strategy threads. First one is a general discussion thread while the other one is a character discussion thread.

I’ve only made four threads so far, I guess I’m on a roll, but I really don’t like making too many threads.

The sticky I made is for discussion of anything character related and general advanced strats, there’s also a link to smashboards “advanced techniques compilation” i ncase you didn’t notice.

But whatever if people want to post here abouy “general strategy” no one is stopping them:rofl:.

I thought it was just a character discussion thread. You might want to change the title of the thread to make it more clear. I really don’t have a problem with letting this thread die if you want to use your thread for general strategy discussion.

I’ll add those to the first post.

A little bit of strategy discussion from some guys. Not too sure if I’d call em experts, but I found it interesting.

Noob questions.

I have trouble punishing bad spot dodges, because they recover too fast for me to do shit. What are my best options?

And is shield grabbing even worth it anymore? With all the stuff you can do out of shield, I mean, I seem to be stuck in my Melee ways.

I liek buffering (??)/

joobeh: If they recover in time to shield after a spot dodge, grab them, or try for a shield poke, etc.

Shield grabbing is still good if it’s a move with very little lag, but I’ve been attacking more and more from shield. I’m not sure if jabs are faster than grabs now, but grabs do have the added benefit of going through shields if you’re not sure if they have time to block or not.