General Strategy



Yun. Small…quick…agile. It cant be denied that the bastard is fast, but you cannot afford to take many hits at all.

He has a great selection of his moves at his disposal, and can handle many situations…which is why its a shame that Yun gets reamed in a lot of matches, and in turn, unplayed.

However, a skilled Yun can be a whirlwind of quick pokes and blows, or a punisher of mistakes. Yun is the the person who should control the flow of the match. A defending Yun, as has been noted before, will invariably lose.

So how do you gain that momentum? How do you turn the tides when on the defense? In what situation should Yun act, and with what?

That is what this thread is for. I will return with some info before long…feel free to post to kick us off.


dive kick and QCF+lp are all I know I suck with Yun


Heh. Thats certainly a start. Lets take a look at Yun’s moves so that everyone knows what we are talking about in regards to these strats…

(I will be using the GGXX notation of numbers for this…i.e. 6 means forward, assuming you are facing right. Also…the official names escape me at this time.)

236+P “That Lunge Punch”

One of Yun’s most basic moves. A lunging punch that travels a good portion of the screen based on the strength of the punch used.

This move is something you will be doing quite frequently with Yun. Though it doesnt do great damage, the move is quite fast, and is good at catching the opponent off guard.

This move has a fairly useful property in that it lifts Yun off of the ground. You can travel over SNK style ground fireballs with it, such as the Reppuken. Also, this move is essential to Yun’s bread and butter, which is:

l.p, l.k, m.p, 236+h.p

Be careful with this move. If you get blocked when doing this move, You will most likely eat some big damage. Either use it when you see an opening, or from a safe distance. Even then…its risky.

623+P “The Shoulder Ram”

Depending on the strength of the button used, Yun will roll a distance forward, and end it with a shoulder ram that pops the opponent into the air.

This move is fairly slow…and in turn, easily blockable. However, the roll part of the move goes under fireballs, and thats about the only time you may hit this move. You are completely vulnerable to attacks and throws otherwise. You may get lucky every once in a while and hit an opponent as the are jumping in, but dont count on it.

If you DO hit an opponent with this move, you have a wealth of juggling opportunities at hand. More on that later.

214+P “The Double Palm Strike”

Yun raises one of his legs, takes a short moment to rear back, and stomps down while throwing his palms out in front of him.

A favorite of mine. This move is underused in my opinion. Though it has small range, it does really nice damage. In addition, Yun’s hands become pure priority. Ive beat out, or at least traded with many attacks using this little baby (I sent Bison, mid psycho crusher, sailing across the screen with it). The palm strike DOES has somewhat deceiving range…it extends a bit PAST his hands…AND it snuffs out fireballs.

And thats not even the best part. You can feign a palm strike by doing the motion and pressing any two punch buttons. When you have an opponent in the corner, and you are mixing them up like mad, a false palm strike is great for nailing that move to keep the pressure going.

Of course…this move is completely stationary…and the timing on hitting the opponent can be tricky. Dont let that stop you from using this in your game plan.

236+K “The Rising Kick”

Yun points his leg upward and sails off the ground at a very high angle. The vertical distance is determined by the strength of the kick.

Sorely underused…and for good reason. This is no dragon punch. Trying it on wake up will get you destroyed, as it has startup before the move arrives. The angle is so sharp, that its easy to whiff it, and if you whiff it, youre in the air for quite a while.

To be fair, the move does a surprising amount of damage. Plus, people may not always expect it, and you can keep people trapped in the corner if they try to jump.

63214+P “Flip Over Grab”

Yun grabs the opponent and flips over thier head to the other side of them.

A pretty useful move in that you can follow the grab with a super. Try ticking into it, as the opponent can get used to the constant poking of Yun.

Urgh. Will return with the command and super moves in a bit.


Use K-Groove to eliminate all your offensive problems. Just RTSD. For supers use short jumps and also after knocking an opponent down if you’re raged qcf+qcf+K (Yang leaps down and performs Raishin Mahanekin) the opponent won’t realize it since you can have some decent distance when doing it and thus will usually get nailed.


s.LP, s.LK, s.MK, dp+LP still works, although it can’t be super canceled anymore. :frowning:


Could you clarify what RTSD is?

I assume you mean short jumping forward and pulling out a quick super…which is always a nice surprise. To make sure you nail it, short jump and command grab, and hit the super from there.

I stay away from the Yang super. It has the most potential to go awry even after hitting. If the opponent jumps, even a tiny bit, Yang misses the rest of the super.

In terms of super moves, if you KNOW you are going to land the move, go for the 214214+P super every time. You can juggle the opponent for nearly half life, and its fairly easy to do:

214214+P, 623+l.P, m.K -> Superjump cancel, l.P -> f+h.P

And the s.LP, s.LK, s.MK, dp+LP DOES work in the XBox version. I dont know why, but you can chain the 236236+P super to it for nice damage.


Means ‘Rush That Shit Down’, I think Yun is useful in a few grooves, I love playing with him but his shit for stamina sucks. Although it’s pretty easy to catch someone with his lvl3 air super, don’t know the name, the one where Yang comes out and helps Yun lay it down. I would say K-Groove maybe the best for Yun since he can JD and counter, get the flow of the match and then if you hit him enough and he’s raged, or if you JD enough, you can pull a super out of many circumstances.


I use Yun in P-groove. Parrying gives you more than Just Defending to counter, but otherwise I think K-Groove would be useful for Yun too.

What I like about P-groove is that you basically become an offensive defense. If you can become good enough with the parry, the opponent can get afraid to do common things, like simply jumping in. That forces them to use other ways of getting in close. Jumping in the air is also incredibly safe, as you can parry anything…you can rule air to air wars, and take care of those damn DPs.

Additionally, the timing for JD is much stricter than Parrying. JD has a 4 frame window as opposed to Parryings 8 frame (if you release the stick to neutral).

What this means for Yun is that if you are good with the Parry, there will be very few times when you are blocking, and the offense can stay on your side for longer periods. Just Defending puts you on the defense a lot longer than comfortable for Yun, and Yun’s health combined with taking damage for meter isnt the best equation.

Heh…and that Yun air super can be comboed into.
623+m.P or h.P, m.K ->Superjump cancel, 6321463214+K


Combos + mindgames

Most useful combos:,, (, qcf+wp
c.wp, c.wp, (c.wp), qcf+wp

I use the wp one most often because it’s a bit faster… the lk one can be used for high/low mind games and such…

Takes 2 dashes to corpse hop after these combos. I think it can be punished (ex. reverse dragon motion)

s.wp,,, qcf+wp
s.wp,,, qcf+fp

I mention both wp/fp versions because wp takes 2 dashes to corpse hop (again I think the second dash can be punished) and fp takes 1 dash to corpse hop (cannot be punished except for a throw). This is a good mix up for mind games. With the fp version you can delay your corpse hop (make them think you are going to sit there or try to throw) and then hop over, if they do not do the reverse dragon motion they should dragon facing where you were before. Punish with qcf+punch. The fierce punch version can also be followed by a quick dive kick to land on the other side of them, outside of dragon range. Or closer depending on your timing/kick used. RCd palm thrust should also be thrown into the mix, walk back slightly then walk forward and do it just out of the characters throw range. This is a really meaty move so you have some room for error on the timing. Make sure you are close enough that they block it or you will be easily punished.

For all the combos that requires 2 dashes to corpse hop you can stop after teh first and land in front of the person. The only way they can punish this is if they throw you.

Doing c.wp’s after a corpse hop sometimes works well. It will punish miss-timed reverse dragons or missed motions (errr… any motion but a dragon that will not wake up and beat everything :D), or any normal move they will throw out (as you recover before they can recover and do their move I dont know why i sometimes get punished by dragons on double hops, i might be miss timing it). You can combo into qcf.wp to knock them down again.

Note against RYU: If you happen to land a combo into qcf+wp in the corner do two corpse hops. I’ve noticed ryu players will often try to throw out a super hurricaine. You will be in the middle of your hop (clearly off the ground) when the flash starts, but you will be BLOCKING when the first hit comes out.

EDIT: I’ll write more later.


Corpse hopping is something I dont do enough of, yet I know its effective. It sounds like you have a nice Yun game based around it. Do your opponents ever catch on, or are you able to just ream through them?

I think Yun has it fairly easy against Ryu. Ryu can be predictable, and Yun has no problem getting around those fireballs. You just need to make sure you know when he will go for a DP. Block, and continue pressure.

A GREAT tactic I use a lot is during corner pressure, throw his F+m.K overhead into the mix. A LOT. The move is fast as hell, and has great range for an overhead. A couple blocked pokes can lead to an overhead. I guarantee you can hit the overhead more than 4 times in a match if you get a rythm going. They start catching on? Sweep, or command throw.


Hmm, it’s not so much them catching on, but having more mix up so they dont know what is coming, i have just thought about something and im going to go try out more things today .


Well, yeah, mix-up. I was just wondering how successful you are with it. A player of equal skill may find a way to punish you, or stop you from jumping them, such as tactical recovery or the tech roll thing.


Corner Knockdowns

Corner knockdowns you have lots of control. You should be capitalizing on your damage here.


If you put them in the corner but are not close to them (ie c.jab, c.jab, qcf+lp) you can hope once and overhead. I was playing around with this and it seems to work fairly well. They are expecting another hop, they see you leave the ground, and then they get hit with the overhead. This move has VERY good range and is REALLY fast. This is his 3rd longest move. You can also use it just outside their range. If you do it early it will go over. If they are REALLY fast they can counter you. If they block it it seems to be un-counterable. But I’m not sure of this.


This is the safest time to use his dive kick, you dont have to worry about the spacing at all. Just get off as FAST and deep as possible. You will land about 1/2 down their crouching body (unless they block high, they you’re even deeper). This works especially well on the 2p side. It’s still useful for mixup on the 1p side and to pressure opponent in corner (yes!! with yun!!). On the 2p side of seen the opponent turn around (blocked for cross up) when yun connects if done right he appears to be on the other side of the opponent (it would appear like how some characters magically find themselves on the 2p corner when you are already there) but he will land on the left of the opponent. After the dive kick (blocked or connects) throw in s.lp,,, qcf+punch (either weak or fierce). (IF you do not connect the 3 normal attacks do dp.lp instead for an extra hit). Then try to do low pokes into overhead (ie c.lp,, wait to see what they do, if they move qcf+lp, if they dont for overhead)

Palm Thrust

RC palm thrust is very good against a knocked down opponent. An example of this is the dragon punch wake up. 1. Yun dodges the hit, which looks fucking badass, 2. smacks him out of the air and puts them at your feet while dealing a fairly good amount of damage. Set this up by walking back a little bit and then walk forward just out of throw range (or at the max range of his palm thrust). I have some theories here that I haven’t tried but I figure will work. After you knock them down once with rc palm thrust, do a fake palm thrust. This should theoritically set up a command grab :slight_smile: Another time to do the fake palm thrust is REALLY early. Do it so when you finish they haven’t even recovered yet. You should have enough time after a qcf+lp. I dont quite know what to do after this, perhaps an overhead would be good. I will hopefully get a chance to try this stuff out soon and get back to writing in this thread.


Tommorow (Saturday) my weekly competition comes around. Ill have some more info coming as well on that day. Until then:

Have any of you guys noticed the P-Groove cancels? I get the feeling this is XBox version only. Anyway, you can cancel Yun’s Lunging Punch into his air super.

That is INSANE.

A simple bread and butter can lead to about 60-65 percent damage.
His 236+k can be P-Canceled, as can his 623+P and 214214+P.

Heh. It almost seems cheap.


A guy pulled that cancel on me on XBox, freaked me out. I thought he was cheating some how. I’ve only seen that on the xbox, very nice combo.


Damn, I had a lot of other stuff posted :frowning:


So, you’re telling me that Yun can lunge punch into a freakin’ super? Like 236236+p? And it will hit???

Cause if thats true, then his command throw becomes a super. Its easy to screw with peoples heads to get that throw in. Just jump d/f+fk when they get up (or anytime really), then mix it up with his b&b, his overhead, or his command throw.

If the command throw connects, a 236+lp is GUARANTEED. Like, very very very guaranteed. Which means you could jump in, command throw, 236+p - 236236+p and it hits???

If that is true… oh…my…GOD!

Just as a site note, after the command throw, you can hold forward and press HP about as soon as Yun can attack, and it becomes his close range 2 hit, which is really easy to super off of. Then do his 214214+p - 623+mp - 214+lp (the double palm DOES connect on that, and looks wicked cool).


The only super that will connect after the Lunge punch is his Air super, where Yang jumps down on the other side of the opponent, and they beat the hell out of the guy at the same time. Bear in mind, this is in P GROOVE for XBOX ONLY. Which makes me wonder…

Why the hell are P-Groove cancels in the XBox version anyway? My guess is that they tried to compensate for the difficulty of parrying online by giving these obscene cancels. Rock can do his h.P dashing elbow and cancel into the Raging Storm…Kyo can do his punch combos into the Final Showdown…its a bit of a letdown that these dont work on all versions. It would make Yun become a feared character…any lungepunch into the air super. Thats SO much damage.


even if the yang super is the only one that connects afterwards, thats still disgusting.

Command throw -> lp, lk, mp, qcf+hp -> yang super


I’m going to try that tonight. Now THATS a mixup to fear!!!


another thing to note is in c-groove you can cancel out of the level 2 yang super into a lunge punch or shoulder charge–>close s.rh(or maybe palm strike/lunge punch is possible dont know havent tried)