General tips on beating rufus

i am super frustrated with rufus. i am a bison player and i try my best to use to pre-emptively anti air him before he can dive kick, but often times i time it wrong and the dive kick game begins… i have the two below questions and even though i’m a bison player i’d like to know how you guys from your own characters defend against the rufus rushdown.

**1. ** is there a way to time the crouch tech while fighting rufus so they you don’t get frame trapped by the dive kicks but also tech his throws?

because right now, i’m just blocking and blocking and eating throws and if i try to crouch tech i eat dive kick combos and counterhits like no other.

**2. ** when is rufus vulnerable while he is rushing down? or when should i try to escape when he is rushing down?

i only know of 2 times he is vulnerable when he is rushing you down with dive kicks.
a. when he is doing his frame trap block string,, s.hpxxtornado, you can do a reversal before the tornado cancel. however with bison’s ex psycho i think it loses.

b. if he is spamming dive kicks kicks, you can do a quick aerial hitting move (bison’s or do a mp+lp+lk option select if your character has a good one right before he starts another dive kick to reset him.

back dash is also a great way to break up dive kick strings.

also if he is doing instant dive kick strings you can usually break it up with crouching jab.

Option select with probably lp+lk+mp if the dive kicks are low enough, you could probably use option select with HP but on block you would need to cancel into something like LK Scissor Kick…maybe if he does high dive kicks. Rufus and Cammy both take 4 frames to leave the ground and the start up for dive kick is 11(rufus)-12(cammy) frames. When my timing works it kills all dive kick offense, I never play Dictator though but it works for most the characters and should work for his as well going by hitbox/frame data but is slow.

The hard part about timing is after a dive kick or the following poke they will be somewhere from -1 to +2 for Cammy and Rufus is +3 after LK so timing is a bit hard as you can’t delay it to much or you will get hit but you can’t do it to fast or you may not block something else such as rufus’ miss linked standing hard punch or Cammy’s crouch med kick or hard kick.

Whatever you do don’t crouch tech with a low, but you can still frame trap him with spam.

Also if like rufus does the whole string of dk,lk,hp,GT…he is pushed out and may do a crazy high DK…if you want to take a gamble, it would be a good time to random EX head stomp to anti air…I get nailed by that often when trying to DK back in after pushing myself out and it makes me become a bit more cautious but you may get punished.

He is vulnerable coming in, as S. HK rapes him outside of his sweep range so if playing footsies he loses. And can anti air him if he jumps. IDK but isn’t Bison supposed to zone him.

best tip against rufus


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no dont try to panic as soon as he dive kicks, that’s exactly what they want you to do. BLOCK.