General Tips when facing a decent/good Guile

Of course, i destroy Guile scrubs. But when a good one comes along…i’m totally fucked. Its a mixture of lack of execution (360 controller) and other shit

Any general strats? it doesn’t matter who i pick, guile tears me apart…then again, i always pick what’s considered in the lower tiers minus say, Honda

A general tip: to throw a Sonic Boom, Guile has to lose his charge. That means that right after he throws one, you have a small window of opportunity where you can jump on him without fearing a Flash Kick.

If you’re Blanka you can df+HP slide under the booms. Blanka’s j.LK also beats flash kick if you jump far enough behind him when he does the flash kick.

Get close, bait him into doing a Flash Kick, and punish him for it.
If he’s too smart for that, you could always mix it up with some overhead and low attacks. When Guile is crouching he’s charging a kick, so if you think he’s getting smart against the bait, go for a high-low combo.

This question is character dependent. There is no cookie cutter answer.

Generic answer is to make Guile lose his charge then rush to punish.

Best scenario: You got an early lead plus Guile’s in corner, keep pressuring him. Don’t let up, you will win eventually.

OK scenario: You got an early lead, you can turtle yourself and make guile come toward you he has to give up his charge to get close to you. Don’t get fooled by his jump ins. While jumping he can charge, so hit him while in air, but if he lands be careful.

Worst scenario: Guile got an early lead and turtles. This where you need to master the art of the Jedi Mind trick. Poke and Bait, rinse and repeat and hopefully you can equalize in life bar or get ahead.

I thought he doesn’t lose his charge by doing downback to downforward for sonic boom

Lol, losing his flash kick charge isn’t that big a deal in most situations beacause he’s still got awsome anti airs.

Guile would be broken if this was true. You can’t throw a sonic boom while holding down

I can’t seem to beat a good one with Sagat.

I would advise not jumping in unless you know hes not charged. :wgrin:

Pressure helps me beat charge characters. I keep them moving, and I try to throw a lot more often then normal.

Makes me think of one picture from that Fake SFIV ads neogaf thread:

  • James

LOL Damn, Dhalsim ate it. = )

thanks a bunch fellas. Now, i hope i can face a good guile again soon to work on these strats

I swear, good guiles are hard to come by :frowning:


I love humanity.


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