General Tourney Questions

Been in talks with a venue here in town about holding a tourney and I’ve got a few questions. First time running one but I know some of the basic stuff, anyway:

I’ve always been confused about how grand finals brackets are set up and I asked what the general lay out is (2 out of 3, best of series, series is reset). I was told that there’s no wrong way to go about it and it’s up to the tourney organizer to decide this, but I’d like to run things in the way people are most familiar. During grand finals, I always hear the series got reset and I guess that means the whoever won losers finals beat the guy who won winners and it’s the first time he lost. To do this, losers guy beat winners in 2 out of 3 and they do another set to decide the winner, otherwise if winners guy beat losers in a 2 out of 3, tourney would be over, am I correct? Or is there any other method to this like grand finals is decided by best 3 out of 5 sets of 2 out of 3 matches, or did I just make that up? :confused:

I’d like to run ST HD Remix since I see it still gets tourney play, but I’ve heard about all the bad press it’s gotten from the fans. I know HD Remix has a mode that lets you play the original arcade version and a friend told me it’s actually the Dreamcast version of the game. A few years ago I went to a tourney playing the game on Dreamcast and a lot of guys said it was the closest version to the original arcade. So, why not play THAT INSTEAD??? Same friend didn’t really give me a straight answer, something along the lines of people are more familiar with HD Remix now. Will run Remix if that’s what people want, but why not go with the lesser of two evils?

Finally, short question. What tourney software do people usually use when making brackets?

I’ve never run a tournament, but I can still probably try to answer.

  1. Grand finals: the way you describe it – loser’s bracket finalist has to win 2 sets (of 2/3 matches, 3/5 matches, or whatever) while the winner’s bracket finalist only has to win one – is how it’s done in double-elimination, yes. This is because the winner’s bracket finalist still has to lose “twice” to be knocked out – because it’s a double-elimination tournament.

  2. Plenty of tournaments include HDR, heck, it was at Evo. I think a lot of people are just really attached to ST after playing it for 15 years and don’t want to play a changed version. I’m not aware of any reason that one is objectively better than the other, though. Some people don’t like the changed inputs, the art style, or the rebalanced characters, though.

  3. I hear Tonamento is pretty popular.

^beat me to the punch.

Most fighting game tourneys outside of Japan are double-elimination. To be knocked out of the tournament you have to lose 2 sets. If the amount of players is really small (under 8) you might option to do a round robin. Round robin format is when everyone plays each other in a pool and the winner is the person with the most wins.

Sets are played out by a series of games. The amount of games to be played in a set is up to the organizer. Preliminary round sets is usually best of 3 games (win 2 games to advance). Finals (winners, losers, grand) sets tend to bump the games to best of 5. Evo rules have prelims at best of 3, winners and losers finals at best of 5 and grand finals best of 7 games.

A double-elim bracket can be confusing to someone at first, because it’s two brackets combined into one. Winners of sets stay on the winners side and compete with other winners, first time losers get sent to losers side depending how far they reached on the winers side. The bracket should have some indication where to place losers sent to the losers side.

For tournament software I suggest using ALJ Tournament Maker

For printable brackets check out this site. Crowsdarts Tournament Brackets

If you have internet acess at the venue you can check out Bracketmaker or Tonamento as people can check updates as they come in.

No matter which games you plan to have at the tournament make sure you know of all the rules and standards for that game: (rounds played in a game, time settings, button mapping, character selection pre and mid-match, pausing game mid-match etc.)

As far as the ST/HDR debate is concerned, unless you plan to cater to hardcore OG/GGPO players go with HDR on PS3/X360. Only the MVC2 community bothers with working with Dreamcasts as that is the version closest to the arcade port. Dreamcasts are not tourney friendly because the controller ports on it act up when different sets of controllers/joysticks are plugged into them.

Regarding SF2, it’s great you’re looking to create a local scene. Just host whatever players in your area want to play and preferably use a 360 version if you can (for less input lag). If more players are interested in and will show up for HDR remix, play HDR. And vice versa for HDR classic if players will show up for ST instead.

HDR classic (esp. with classic sprites and music) is an acceptable substitute for ST if you don’t have the arcade or DC versions, but there are speed, visual, and possible input lag differences. Ultimately, in a new IA scene, it’s probably best to cater to as much of your local scene as you can to have a strong start so I wish you the best of luck.

BTW, if you don’t anticipate having many entrants (<10) and there’s free time, you may want to consider running a round robin so everyone gets more play and you won’t even need to bother with double-elim-style grand finals.

First of all, yeah I’m from Iowa, in a city you can’t pronounce (DUH_BE-YOOK, 2 sylabels, emphasis on the second). And the scene may be small, but it’s certainly not non-existant, bigger in Cedar Rapids and Des Moines. Won’t be the first time we held a tourney in town, just MY first time doing tourney duties; past events had people as far as St. Louis show up, Keits even made it to one (take that anyway you want). Finally, participated in a handfull myself (everyone’s better than me though :sad:) so I know the general ins and outs; even randomly fought JWong at a tourney and got my ass handed to me in Alpha 3. Didn’t mean to sound hurt and defensive or to toot my horn about anything, just wanted to let you know I’ve been around the scene. Yeah it’s the noob board, couldn’t think of anywhere else to ask questions about this. But enough of that.

Thanks for the advice, guess I answered my own question on the first one. But best of 7 in Evo grand finals??? :wow: No wonder I lose track of who’s winning when I watch that, probably won’t do THAT many.

Might have mis-understood what I meant with the Dreamcast comment. Only reason I mentioned it was because my friend said HDR Classic mode on PS3/360 was created using the code from the Dreamcast version of ST (dude is anal-retentive about fighting games). I have NO intention of running anything on Dreamcast; barely know anyone who has one and I’m not going to hunt on eBay for games, sticks or systems. Basically I’m looking for an easy game option that’s similar to the original arcade version from back in the day, something that plays just like ST without being an arcade cab and I figured HDR Classic was a possible choice. I do know however people still play HDR in tourneys, something for me to debate about, maybe do one then a side tourney of the other.

Friend who was doing weekly tourneys in the area before he quit (still plays) did round robins when only 5 of us in a gaming group of 20 or so would play. After everyone played everyone, he’d also have extra sessions where guy who got least amount of points would play the next guy above him/her. This would go on until someone went up the ladder of entrants. Is this regularly done?

Hmm, I’ll definitley experiment with ALJ and Tonamento down the line, thanks.