General TvC Talk / Player Discussion

Alright since the tier thread really hasn’t been a tier thread for a while, I figure it’s time we move the general discussion somewhere else since the mods are getting angry.

hi guys, I play PTX-40A. pelvic thrust

This is a much more appropriate response to being warned (not even infracted!) than your buddy xSilvenx had. If you guys can keep this civil, I’ll be happy to leave this open. Remember, this is still an informational board, so constructive criticism is a good thing.

xSilvenx decided to respond to his WARNING (not even an infraction!) with a very funny, and nasty, PM. I considered pasting it here to show you the kind of integrity this guy has, but I’m guessing most of you see that already anyway. So, suffice it to say, thats not what we will be doing in this thread.

Like I said if my PM actually went through, I’m not trying to get on anyone’s bad side. I don’t have a problem with you personally or anything Keits, but I do think it’s funny that the warnings weren’t handed out till the topic shifted to you. If you’re gonna do it like that then atleast hand them out to everyone that’s off topic. Unbiased is good.

But for the sake of entertainment, I’d like to see what he said, and I’m sure some other people would too, so entertain us!

I did. You, Silven, j1n, and yourmother got them all on that same page. You want to see what he said, come on IRC to #tvc.

Keits, I don’t think it’s fair to share a PERSONAL message without authorization. I made a harsh comment towards him on the thread, and he answered me politely by PM. Even if he didn’t give me a polite answer, he would still be playing by the rules as long as the forum is concerned, since he didn’t derail that thread anymore.

And now we are derailing this thread. Let’s keep it constructive.

As I wrote in the broken thread, I’m interested about good team combinations. IMO some of the best right now appear to be Karas/Ryu, Karas/Ken. Chun/Ryu and maybe Jun/Chun (strongly biased by Sinsation results, but also because Chun’s assist is good for Jun and Jun can DHC into infinite from the ground)

I don’t think Karas and Chun work that well together, and I’m not sure if Saki deserves to be on a top team, since she sucks all the resources out of her partner (uses all meter and gives a sucky assist).

How about we get the ball rolling now?

Karas + any projectile assist, pretty much. He’s all about controlling space with his offense and having a projectile just makes it even better, in addition to covering his rush and also creating mixup opportunities with dash through to whatever.

well for team combinations, i found something really annoying and its Doronjo/Joe. Joe’s bomb on the stage makes opponent guessing and keep him a bit away while doronjos assist crawling on the stage and falling from the air makes its a complete mess. while changing to joe using his vrang to keep away and also to approach its is a perfect combination if you wanna be annoying as hell.

Its not a personal message when he also posts it on my youtube page in public.

Hell Karas + any assist works, it’s just a lot easier with a projectile. Projectile assists in general in this game just seem easier / better than other assists though.

I wish they had assist type choice like in MvC2. Pick projectile for everyone -_-

I don’t agree. I was experimenting with Karas/Chun. Unless I’m very close, Chun’s assist usually misses, and if the opp is smart he can hit both my chars when I try to dash or IAD after 5C + Chun or whatever.

And with Karas is actually better to have some distance, so pokes have a bigger advantage on most chars and Vcs aren’t as dangerous.

Karas’ assist is OK to help Chun (you can still infinite after him), but doesn’t give the projectile benefit of one extra rep of her bread and butter before going into l-legs and stuff.

IMO Ryu isn’t as good as the two above, but his assist and DHC capabilities to some extent make better teams

Chun’s assist = facepalm.