Generally hard games you still haven't beat till this day

Not including co-op, cheats, etc. Pretty self explanatory. Ill start with…

Mega Man X

Comix Zone

Im 21 now, call me a scrub but I cannot beat those 2 games still. I have more, ill share if thread gets moving.

SMT: Persona

Well the first one. God damn that is one dated pos

Battletoads >_<

Yeah. I made sure I played and beat my games so that my mom could see I wasn’t wasting her money, but this one beat me. =(

I second this… My friends and I just couldn’t beat that game. :frowning:


The first one.

Because… fuck a screen freezing boomerang.

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Final Fantasy Tactics 1.3 -version 1.3041
Breath of Fire 1
Metal Gear(nes)
Ninja turtles(nes)

demon’s souls
i just have 2 more bosses but damn the game is unforgiving

MegaMan 9
I quit after dieing on Wily Castle.

battletoads for the snes… only played this game out frustration of not completing certain levels. then mk3 was released and i forgot about it.

maybe i did complete it but my brain doesnt want to remember.

As much I love it… Zombies Ate My Neighbors = [

What’s different about that version?

Yeah, I got this game from my aunt for Christmas way back when it first came out. I never could finish level 3 with the hover bike things. I hadn’t played the game for years until last year when I loaded up the rom and I still could not finish it. I thought with improved reflexes and generally superior gaming ability I’d be able to manage but that was not the case.

Thought everyone knew by now that battletoads is a scrpted loss.

Battletoads for sure! I also could never beat Bubble Bobble and Kid Icarus as a kid, but I just beat both of those games last week


I always end up doing all the side-quests and spending my time getting all the uber weapons and getting uber stats so at the end Kefka is just some scrub I can beat around with no significance to me whatsoever.

I never beat FF6 either. The biggest hurdle for me was all the Japanese text.

Super Ghouls n Ghosts – I wasn’t sure whether or not to put Super Ghouls n Ghosts on this list. until I realized the shit I had to go through in order to beat it. the hardest things about this game… gotta have some serious weapon skills (dagger; if not dagger, the bracelet) and gotta know how to kill Red Arremer Ace. if you fail at either of these things you will lose every single time. you can beat the rest of the game with sheer paranoid caution. for those of you who don’t understand, the Red Arremer Ace is a red winged demon who dodges attacks like nobody’s business and is so good at getting hits on you (2 hits = die) that just seeing him might be game over. he’s not a boss enemy or anything, he is just the hardest normal enemy I’ve ever encountered in any game. most of my time playing this game was spent learning his precise pattern. I’ve solved it using straight-shooting weapons (ex. dagger, lance) and trident. I learned years after I beat it that the green armor crossbow beats the thing for free… but I always refrained from using crossbow cause imo dagger is best weapon hands down, also using crossbow means you’re weak to all the other enemies in the game esp the grounded ones. dagger, goddess bracelet, and trident are my best weapons. so yeah it’s not easy to beat because you really need to learn that game but it’s not hard once you do know. by the way jumping was also a pain in the ass

Lemmings – I’ve actually made it a goal to beat this game lately. some of the puzzles are confusing as hell to me… but a friend of mine who’s pretty smart tells me that some of the later puzzles just seem impossible. I haven’t gotten far enough to see a puzzle like that. all were beatable if I thought about how to reach the end. definitely no walk in the park though seeing as how it’s a puzzle game

Spider Man & The X-Men – beating this game… forget about it. If you do beat this game it’s due to sheer devotion. you will not beat this game by chance. it’s not just that it’s really difficult to play but that it’s also as boring. some of the shit in this game is just downright unfair. this game pretty much forces you to wake up and stop being a little bitch.

Dragon’s Lair (SNES) – hard for the same reason as Spider Man & The X-Men. also IMO there’s certain weapons you need or you’re just not gonna beat it at all

There’s translation out there or just get the GBA/PS1/etc… version or something.

I never was able to be Wonder Boy on the C64. Until recently I never finised Dragon Bruce Lee story, but then I got an emulator and a few hacks :razz:

This. I’ve gotten to Wily 10-15 times, and I can’t get past his final form.

Also, Maximum Carnage.