Generally hard games you still haven't beat till this day

Don’t know if you know this, but:

Hey it’s a spoiler


You have to beat the game twice to win.

My choice of game:
Breath of Fire V Dragon Quarter.

Digital Devil Saga had a nasty puzzle about midway that I never figured out.

Ninja gaiden on xbox 180

mega man X4 (imo the hardest of the 2d Xs)

cant really remember somewhat recent games besides the hundreds of old NES games that kicked my ass…

omfg this, I cant stand DDS puzzles

Anything by LJN.

I have a list of 450+ games I’ve played in my life, throughout 16 consoles, most of which I beated but if I can recall bad experiences and memories with games they are:

Battletoads (any version for any console, the one I went farthest was the Genesis one)
Ghouls 'n Ghosts
Castlevania’s last couple of stages… Jesus!

I’m well aware

Battletoads on Genesis is easier than the Snes version


I’ll never forget the insulting experience that was Super Ghouls & Ghosts. I didn’t necessarily give up on that out of difficulty (though it was a bit on the rough side)… I just refused to do everything over again to “beat” the game. Naw, man… they need to get the hell outta here with that.

Battletoads is the game franchise that conquered everyone. It’s funny to me that this game not only always comes up in a topic like this… but that if someone does claim to have beaten it legitimately… most people just think to themselves "yeah, he’s lying.". Fortunately, I only wasted a few dollars on a rental with that bullshit. I owned the Gameboy version though, and I recall giving up on that one too. These are the only ones that come to mind right away… there are other things where they are reasonable but just impossible to do specific things… like I have no hope of ever beating the modern Ninja Gaiden II on “Master Ninja” difficulty. The “Mentor” difficulty is already pure Hell, even considering the exploit on the first stage that can get you potentially infinite essence or whatever hey called it (the currency in the game, used for upgrades). On “Warrior” it’s definitely reasonable…but Mentor and Master Ninja is completely ridiculous in every possible way. NG2 is a game that’s constantly telling the player “Yeah, fuck you.” The game itself is a bully and an all-around asshole… like a guy that’s pumped up on steroids that goes out of his way in life to beat up frail old people, children and small animals, because he finds it amusing. Yeah, that’s what Ninja Gaiden 2 is.

Demons Souls. Still haven’t finished it.

I’ve never been able to true-clear Super Ghouls & Ghosts. I beat the game first time through, but when it told me to play it AGAIN, I was just “…I beat this game, fuck you.” Battletoads is another beast. I tried so hard to get to the last boss because she’s pretty hot. The bikes, though…the goddamn bikes.

I even managed to beat the first Ninja Gaiden and I still can’t clear those two games. Mushihime-sama is also another game I haven’t beaten yet, but I attribute this to my lack of funds(I only played the arcade version).

At least you got to him. I think I lost at the 4 statues or something? All I know is Ive gotten to the very last stage and then lost, having to restart it all…just not cool.

Battletoads is exceptional because the further stages rely on PURE memory, it’s not even skill anymore.
Like… How you gonna know where to avoid the lasers when you first play this level in the bike section?


Oh ya… And this monstrosity.


Mega Man 9 for sure–that shit is broken-controller material. I watched the coolest, hippest chick I’ve ever met get drunk and wing a controller across the room while playing this game. Still in love with her <3

I’ll also second TMNT (NES). Fuck that game.

I finally beat Castlevania a couple of years ago. Once you learn to NOT use the boomerang on his first form (it makes you lose the holy water) and get the jump cross timing down, Dracula is free. But Igor and Frankenstein’s M, the Grim Reaper, and Dracula’s level are nigh impossible.

Super Mario Bros.

Most my NES games. I dumped hella hours into them, but never could quite beat most of them.

MDK2 on the DC was the only game I played that I could not beat. I ended up giving up and chalked it up to “being the one that got away”. The insides of the last boss were just too much.

I didn’t even know the game went past 11 levels, and that is just awful. D8

Lol, sounds like a keeper ;D

…really? games not that hard at all. Especially if you use warp pipes.

Yeah, it’s not nearly as hard as the games posted on here. It’s just long, and even then there are warps.