Generating offense


I have been playing street fight IV since it came out on console about a year ago, since then I have been trying to improve my game. Most recently that of my footsies in order to improve my offense. I have been reading the footsies guide posted on the front page and tried to apply it to my strategy, but nothing seems to work.

This mostly seems to be due to the fact that my opponent is content to hold down back for 99 seconds, while occasionally throwing a hadouken from range. I just can’t seem to open them up and generate any kind of momentum, if I attempt a throw they just option select and tech out, same goes for an overhead. Any pointers on how to beat this would be greatly appreciated. I play Chun and Akuma by the way.


Are you playing online by any chance? Because the main strategy in that case is to stop playing :p.

I don’t know much about chun or akuma but I can give some pointers in general.

  1. Akuma has a 3 tiered fireball (forward to back + fierce punch) - it will go through every EX fire ball in the game, so use it. If your opponent is not a retard, he will have to come to you to get in some damage.

  2. Bait shoryukens. Get within sweep range and prepare to block the srk. Then proceed to beat them up.

  3. You can jump over their fireballs and cross your opponent up (if you are close enough)

  4. Air fireball and whilst opponent is in block stun, overhead/throw/commence pressure game.

From what little I do know, akuma shouldn’t have a problem against turtlers because of his rather awesome moveset.

If you are indeed playing online - don’t take those matches too seriously, they don’t play like offline at all. Footsies etc won’t be of any use if your opponent hides in the corner all day. You’re gonna have to bait them out first.


The best strategy against turtles is to throw fireballs at them.


True. If they’re content to sit there and hold down back, take as much free chip damage as you can. When the clock hits thirty seconds or so and they realize they haven’t even hit you yet, they’ll come to you.

Also: taunt.


Unfortunately I am playing online, which does noticeably hinder my inputs at times, even when the input lag feels unnoticeable. Luckily I am near Denjin Arcade, so I play there once in a while; though I am pretty broke right now.

As far as just throwing fireballs goes, I often lose patience in a fireball war and try to close the gap. I will start making an effort to bait DPs and work on my patience, thanks for the advice guys.


There’s nothing wrong with trying to close the gap. You just have to do it smartly. Fireball dash fireball, or even kara fireball with Ken (Ryu’s kara fireball doesn’t give you much range) whenever he moves backward. If he stands still or moves forward, expect a possible aerial attack (or Ultra).


However if you win the fireball war or make the other person feel like he has no other option but to just come at you. You don’t really have to turtle and you can start AA’ing. This all depends on how smart the other player is of course but most people do alot of random jumpins, it’s just a matter of staying patient and staying grounded yourself.


As a chun player, you have lots of tools to work with.

Fireball pressure:

  1. Download their pattern, then counter FB on reaction with a properly spaced Hasanshu. Be sure to choose the RIGHT one (short, forward, roundhouse). ABSOLUTELY learn how to combo out of it (c.short or c.jab) so that they get scared to try and just zone you out with plasma.

  2. Once you get ultra, Ryu, Sagat, Akuma, Sakura, and most of the cast except for Guile can NEVER throw a fireball at you again. Even from full screen, a properly timed ultra will eat that shit up. Watch for them to reach down into their “pocket” at the start of the fireball and let that thing fly. Just don’t get baited by a crouch strong/jab which is the common “fake fireball” tactic used to counter your ultra. NOTE: Against sagat, you will need to be at 2/3 screen to punish low tiger shot…but high tiger is fair game from full screen.

  3. Use st.rh from max range. That shit is WAY deceptive and can stuff fireballs if you predict the next one.

  4. Focus absorb, forward dash (FROM THE RIGHT RANGE) is great. Just be sure to space it so you can’t eat DP as you are dashing forward.

  5. Once you have super, you can punish damn near ANYTHING on block. Fireballs, shoto sweeps, whiffed strong/fierce normals…work on getting super once per match with Chun…cause once you get super, you reduce the options of your opponent by almost 50% in most matches. That means either you land the super for 400+ damage, or you are now forcing your opponent to work with a vastly reduced toolset.

  6. Use your fireballs to negate theirs…this is a GREAT meter bulding tactic to coordinate with #5 above.

If you just work on those 5 things with Chun, I guarantee you will feel totally differently about projectile pressure.


Another thing of note you have to be playing footsies with someone who will play it back, if that makes sense. There’s a level of thought involved in footsies, a level of thought that’s not found in your garden variety downback/ SRK mashing online player. But as others have said, best idea is to take the chip and bait the SRK.


Thanks a lot for the advice guys, I really appreciate it.

@Parabellum That is a lot of really helpful info that I will commit to memory and start working on. I didn’t even realize chun’s ultra could punish full screen fireballs, I thought you had to be somewhat closer. Out of curiosity what are chun’s best options against jump in? I recently fought a more aggressive Ryu who would jump in from about mid range and when close would go for a cross up. At mid range standing fierce seemed to beat him sometimes, but what about cross ups? What is her best option?


EX SBK seems to be the choice for most Chun players(on wake up), but besides your ground options like st.hp or from mid screen, I think her air to air options are best. If you jump towards him give him a little surprise target combo and if hes doing a crossup and you were not knockdowned previously then you have all the time in the world to jump back hk his ass out the air or simply dash away. You can always dash away if you aren’t comfortable with AA’ing jump ins. The thing is though, I kinda like dumb online Ryu’s that jump towards me…buddy you just made my job 100x easier then it should have been. Not only did you just throw away your most trusted almost fail safe strat for the past 20 years I still have my life that I would have normally lost making my way to your ass. Thanks! But yeah I would normally save EX SBK for wake up purposes only although a lot of characters have safe options to bait that stock out you so its you just gotta learn when to use it.


I play ryu and what I mostly do, when a full screen fireball starts is mostly force them back to the corner.
I use various methods such as walking and blocking assuming they are 100% turtle and won’t do something extremely random, Depending who is I am playing against, Ken for example I would fireball dash in, if it is sagat it is normally better to just build meter IMO.
Since your using akuma, maybe mp redfire balls are better because the hp have bad recovery.
Once they run out of room, I would take about 3/4 of the screen and leave them with 1/4 for footsie game and to give them pressure that is where my offensive game comes from for turtle fireball throwers…

If your playing with people that know how to work the screen, they would mostly never really trap themselves, so for that I suggest just zoning and pokes.

and please correct me if I am wrong because I am also learning this game :stuck_out_tongue:


If you have the reactions for it, you can try to anti-air with neutral jump HK. From mid-range, st. MK is good. If they’re crossing you up you can try walking or dashing under them,

Anyway, to answer the thread itself (generating offense)…if you want to generate offense your best poke for it is your cr. HK. If people are just option selecting you just have to get a little creative in your offense. Shit like cr. LK, walk forward cr. LK, cr. LK -> ex Lightning legs is good. Cr. LP-> standing close HK-> Hazanshu -> link whatever is the classic Chun setup to beat crouch techers.

Whatever you do, don’t start jumping a lot. Whoever said Chun should jump in is not a very good chun player. The only time you should be jumping in with Chun is if you know they’re about to fireball or if the opponent is knocked down and you know a set-up that can beat uppercuts. Her jump is just so floaty that its mad easy to anti-air.


From what I’ve seen from high-level play and my own experiences, footsies only come out once everything else can’t be used. If you can get away with spamming one move, there’s no need for footsies; why would you want to fiddle about with normals if you can guarantee massive damage with a special?


From what I’ve seen from high-level play and my own experiences, footsies only come out once everything else can’t be used. If you can get away with spamming one move, there’s no need for footsies; why would you want to fiddle about with normals if you can guarantee massive damage with a special?


If someone is sitting in the corner sometimes the best thing to do is do nothing at all…get a life lead and just turtle right back. If you have them in the corner and they are just blocking and teching throws then stay just outside of poke range and make them nervous with unpredictability. Try to make them twitchy. Most people locked into a corner will do something eventually; force them into a mistake by doing basically nothing other than making them nervous by staying at close proximity while whiffing a safe poke or two.