Generation of losers. time to redirect that energy to something worthwhile

as spring approaches, and everyone is out here saving up money to party somewhere, and working out extra hard to make sure all eyes are on them, i was just thinking about why losers even exist. just in general. so here goes my blab.

you know, i was up early today here in the v town. why, simply because i went to sleep early because i wanted to get up early. not really for any specific purpose, but just because i always get up early regardless, and i wanted to be refreshed and up. okay, jimmy, great, you got up early enough to watch porn, eat some cereal, and check your email, whats your point. right o

so as a lot of us older members here have noticed, and i dont mean older as in older members, i mean as in age, the world is just filled with fucking losers. i mean, im not perfect, and i have my loser moments at times, but its not the norm for me, and when i look around and see losers, i wonder why.

one of the very first things, and probably the biggest reason of all, is they just dont try. i dont understand that. everyone was a square at some point, and had to follow the lead until they got their own swagger eventually, but what i dont see is people doing that. i didnt get good at talking to women because i was the best poster on ebaumsworld, or because i was the best at sitting in my room all day playing rpg’s. its because i went out there, saw others getting busy, and wanted to get busy too, and just kept at it until it was nothin.

people just sitting around living their lives vicariously through others, laughing at the expense of others tragedies or hacked accounts, complaining complaining complaining, and just overall doing nothing, and being nobody, is trash. like, there is nothing wrong with gerald butler being someone you idolize, but wouldnt you want to be more like him, then just be on the net arguing with other nerds about how awesome he is in comparison to some other idol the other nerds are raging about. i mean, thats my mentality. when i see brad pitt in fight club mad lean, and taking charge, im like, i like that, and rather then just like it and do nothing to adapt that to myself, i will try to adapt that to myself. i will work out, i will reevaluate my swag in general.

as a man with an excellent rhythm, i get asked what crew im with, or how long i been doing it, and shit all the time, but the one we hear the most is, brothas just got that natural rhythm. um, i didnt wake up one morning, look at a michael jackson video, and just started doing what he did like im some xman with copy cat abilities. i listened to hours of music. you know what biggie said, “let my tape rock tell my tape popped”. yes, thats what i did. so when you were on the bus staring out the window, i was doing it with headphones on. when you were acting a fool on the bus from school on the way back picking on the handicap kid, i had my headphones on. when you walked to the store to get candy while listening to the birds chirp, i had my headphones on. when you would get drunk just to troll the net and jerk off to weird shit, i was at home buzzin, and had my headphones on. ha ha

point being, i put in work, and when i was learning my little back slides and waves, i was rewinding the vhs tape and playing it for hours, even until those popped.then i took my little mcdonalds salary and bought more blank tapes. i practiced like an entire day almost until i got it back then. this aint some supernatural phenomenon that i feel that beat way better then you, and i can rock to it better then you. its because i trained myself to just be better then you, while you sidelined like a loser, but for what. its a shame to see people like or love something so much, but they just sideline. what you sidelining for? get in the mix. im not trying to diss, because i would prefer you in the huddle then out the huddle.

like whats said around here a lot. too many fans, and not enough gamers. same thing can be applied to so much else. if you normally wake up at 11am, but in order to reach a goal of losing weight you need to be up and at em at 9am, then fucking do it. how hard is that. when i wanted to get better at licking pussy, i got better at it. i didnt just say fuck it, ill keep poking her vagina with my tongue. my perverted ass went into barnes and nobles, picked up a sex book, learned some things, communicated with the shorty i was getting busy with, and boom, good at licking pussy now.

people be seeing these brick walls, and they just stop. we’re all a little different, and my personality is said truest in my birth chart. im a very optimistic person, prideful, and a little egotistical, but those arent bad things to have when you harness their energy properly. if my money wasnt right, and i was sitting around mopping, i eventually got up, believed in myself, and went to work. i get motivated by other peoples accomplishments. when i see the nigga rain all in shape in ninja assassin, im like, whoa, this nigga aint gonna be tighter then me, and im already in decent shape, so let me hit this gym up again, and thats what i did. when i see someone ballin, and im looking mad norm, i dont get down, and be like, how the fuck ever could i get that money. he got it, so i can do something to get something, and i get creative, make a plan, and initiate. if i fail, i evaluate the shit again, and come back harder.

i mean, what the fuck do you get from being a loser, and a failure. you dont get no bitches, you dont get no praise from people, no attention, people dont want to be around you, no money, no nothing. your just a fucking nobody, and who wants to be that. we might not all have the face of a celebrity, but hey, id rather not be as attractive in the face, but be diesel, paid, confident, and social train of awesomness then be, not as attractive, fat, self conscious, and a social train wreck.

its fucking 2k10, the world is changing around us rapidly, and has been for the past decade at least. there is no reason you should be fat and out of shape. there is no reason you should not be pulling girls. there is no reason you should be a social fucking retard. there is no reason your pockets shouldnt always be at least okay, even if that means you have to just move the fuck away to get what you need. there is no reason you should be ignorant and stupid. there is just no fucking reason. we all got different paths, and some of ours, yes, will be harder then others, but go hard or go home.

i just dont get it. i have my moments no doubt. ive complained. ive sat around when i could have been doing so much more, but overall, thats not my skeelo. thats why im still in shape, i still look good, im still a social beast, im still at least intermediate in most of the games i play, and i still get it poppin in general when i need to.

just sayin, with the boom of high speed internet being the norm, people just hated more, and did less. its funny. fucking losers yo. i think its time to stop arguing on the net about how god of war is awesome, and kratos is such a bad ass, and become a bad ass yourself. stop jerking off to hentai and get you some real girls. stop downloading porno and stupid ass cartoons, and download a book on philosophy, dating, sex, money, ect…, and do something else. stop buying shit to make your computer uber fast, and get you some new shoes and pants. stop eating until you explode in your drawers, and just have 1 hamburger. stop wishing you can dance, hit youtube, buy a mirror,and get to work.

if i can say one decent thing about those weird ass guidos, is even though their fist pumping like champs, and they may only have 30 dollars to their name, they do their best to still keep their shit on point in general, which is more then i can say for a lot of their haters.

i aint saying everyone gotta be ballin outrageous with super brad pitt looks, but even if all you got is a one bedroom apt and a futton, and you work at kmart, doesnt mean you have to look like you do, act like you do, and have the confidence of someone who thinks little of themselves. thats one thing i always liked about when you be up in the hood and shit, you go up in ya boys house, the parents have what little they have still fresh, and they make you take them damn shoes off to not dirty up their carpet because they aint got the money to clean it. ya know. they made sure their kids at least stayed clean and fresh, even if niggaz didnt have the flyest gear. my environment in general was just excellent. even the things i hated still taught me a lot. while everyone else was hype on them internetz, i was out and about, but i like my pay off more. i would have hate to have gained 50 pounds, and just be good at trolling the net, while sucking at all the stuff i still admire. ha ha

more to say, but ive said enough for now. a lot of people here are at least 18 and up. 15-16 is too old to be fucking everything dumb nowadays.

wow. thats a lot more then it seemed like in the little window i was typing in. lol. grab a beer. take your time. 2 minutes of reading max. ha ha

What you say has some merit to it, but you can’t be completely judgemental, and criticize peeps without knowing what some people are going through. However, despite all of this. It’s true that in the end its up to us to better ourselves and not sit around making excuses about our problems. Whatever they may be. Its up to you to make the first move.

This seems like it’d fit better in the SRK blog, but you’re from MD too, so I’ll just let it off with a warning. :nono:

So basically if you are a loser… stop being a loser. That makes sense.

I thought the slacker generation was over.

Everybody’s trying to make money these days.

You’re basically saying go to the gym, get some action, learn to dance, make some money, and you will be somebody? Being somebody means making the world a better place, and being remembered when you die. No offense buddy, but I’m pretty sure when you die, you will have been about as memorable as that guy playin the RPG while hatin on DiCaprio’s latest role.

yah, this too

However, not everyone dies famous so it doesn’t really mean anything. As long as you lived life to the fullest that’s what matters. However, in the end I think his post is mainly concerning peoples willpower.

^ hell yeah. well i typed it out a little long and drawn because i wanted to give details a little because its easier for people to relate to, rather than for me to make a thread like, if your a loser, stop being a loser. jimmy out. lol.

the process is complex. i admit. ive had my moments of despair and shit. i only say it as someone who has gone down and up plenty of times, but has had a ton of ups, and i know people can do it. its more inspirational then me yelling at people. i wanted to let people know i been there, but you dont need to be there, fuck that shit, get up out that slump baby. aint no thang!

i hear peoples complaints all the time, and as im amping myself up for this spring/summer here in vegas, im like, the worlds gone crazy, weather is getting better, and shit aint getting drastically better worldwide anytime soon. no need to be a loser not contributing anything to anything. contribute something. i dont give a fuck if your only specialty is looking good at the bar and getting the party started. rather a party starter then a loser hating on everything bringing down the vibe.

Man, first off, I sounded like a tool as well when I said make the world a better place. The reality is that telling ppl to be somebody or do something with their life or whatnot is BS. If some1 wants to do nothing but lay on a beach and relax, good for them. It’s what I wann do with my life. All this social pressure is total garbage and I hate it. It’s the thing that stresses me out the most BY FAR. I think ppl should be able to do wtf they wanna do. That’s the problem with our damn planet right now it’s so friggin populated that you can’t do shit without breaking some law or steppin on some1’s property. I wish we had other planets to colonize and start fresh. That is my dream, prolly will not happen in my lifetime but you never know. Shit, I’d give anything for a fresh start, get away from all this crap and all these damn ppl, especially pretentious preacher types (hint hint)

So, you want all the pleasures of the world without wanting to put any effort in getting them? You wouldn’t be able to lay on the beach and relax even on a planet on your own. Reason being…it would entail work because you would have to find ways to survive.

good argument, sir. lol. 95 percent of the people in the world, even the richest people who you have no idea about, will die without anyone recognizing their death like that. your basically hating like a loser just to hate. im not even talking down on anyone like that as much as i want to bring them up. the reality of the matter is there are mad lames in the world. i know, ive had my way with their wives and girlfriends here in vegas. im just trying to inspire people that need a lil push forward to be like, you right, fuck this, lets get this shit done.

if you die, no one would remember you for shit either. so no offense dick head, but your kinda being an ass. i love how no offense is always followed by something offensive.

this guy. got one already. son, im not saying you cant lie on a beach all day and relax if you wanted to. if you can do that you have accomplished something, but if you have bad hygiene, fat, lazy, broke, anti social, laying on a beach with no home, and your just laying on the beach all day doing nothing, i think you should probably reevaluate yourself. thats a worthless existence. just go kill yourself for all that.

im more talking to those who WANT to be somebody but they cant seem to get the energy or confidence to get over that wall. not to fuckers who think the social pressures of life are too much, and they just wanna live like hermits and jerk off to memories in a mountain cave in tibet somewhere while reciting bullshit as mantras.

social pressures. ha ha. there are a lot, but son, for real, cmon now. how old are you? thats just life man. why would you wanna be fat and out of shape when you could be in shape and looking good. why would you want to be anti social when you could be social. why be broke when you could be, well, not broke. why not be able to have more female options to holla at, then have few options limited to ugly atrocious women who dont want to take care of themselves either. why not dance, then be able to dance. why not feel rhythm then be able to feel rhythm. cmon now

i agree if your a loser and dont lke being a loser. But alot of people are happy being a loser. and different people want different things out of life. so meh

word. there is always the argument of who am i to tell someone how to live, but if you could be a spartan over a lowly poor thief, who would you be.

If [media=youtube]MHvzsFSdxqk[/media] I want to be like that…for ever.

On a serious note I think what is the problem of loserdom is that they expect that someone is going to help them out and do the work for them. Ultimately it comes down to a few simple words. What do you want? Like really…what do you really fucking want? And how the fuck are you going to achieve it? Being a loser IMHO is a person who doesn’t know what they want or worst yet, are afraid of the disappointment of facing walls, bumps or whatever to getting it. If people know what they want rather than just EXISTING, then that’s when living starts.


^ word up

on a non serious note. that trailer is awesome, and it would be funny to have a thread about losers, and a thread about the movie losers, which looks filled with awesomness. thanks for that link. i would have never known. “im the black mcguyver. im blaguyver” lol!

time to redirect that energy to something worthwhile. like not typing a phd thesis on an internet message board. what a loser.

Dude you have SEVERE complexes, mainly the oh so famous inferiority complex. You keep saying the most superficial bullshit! You think you’re special cause you are fit, smell good, have money, you can talk to some sluts at a club, and you “do stuff”??? You are pathetic to the max if you’re actually serious about your saying. And yes most ppl will die without contributing much of anything to this world. You included! Incase you don’t get it, I’ll lay it out for you real easy like:

jimmy1200, you are worthless
**jimmy1200, you are worthless
****jimmy1200, you are worthless
****jimmy1200, you are worthless
****jimmy1200, you are worthless
****jimmy1200, you are worthless
****jimmy1200, you are worthless
****jimmy1200, you are worthless

**Ok, now read that a few times, and just like your personal idol Brad Pitt in Fight Club, realize that you are not special and nobody except your family (if that) will care if you die today.

PS. Lane, no ideally I would like to not have to do any actual work to survive, but if I had to survive the old fashioned way, I’d enjoy my life a lot more than trying to be successful in a society filled with ultra douches like jimmy here.

^ funny stuff. i had something typed out, then clicked your profile, and saw your sig. good shit. ha ha