Generic Newbie Stuff

Ok Well I’ll apologize in advance for my probably silly questions but there is a lot of info to look through here.

For the past year I was lucky enough to finally start practicing on a real arcade machine and have very crazy competition… Crazy Japanese guys competition.

Anyway I think I’m finally getting the hang of using a stick so now for some questions I’ve been wondering.

  1. How do you the quick roll up when you fall and what situations can you do it or not do it? Also when should it be used or not used?

  2. What’s the best way to fight opponents who completely out-class you in your opinons?

  3. What’s the best way to learn how to parry? I’ve become a lot better at it as of late but it’s still not as good as it needs to be.

  4. I need to learn to kara. In particular I use Remy so I want to learn how to do the kara RRF to be able to chain on the end of my corner throws on Yun and to do the cbk combo mid screen.

Also any generic advice is good about Remy or playing in general. Also I can’t quite do the rapid fire lovs quite yet. Any trick to that? Thanks again.

Tap down when you hit the ground.

Just the way you normally would. You can’t beat them if they are way better than you. Just find out what works and what doesn’t work.

Parry what? I’m not sure if you feel this way, but there is a misconception among new players that good players are able to parry any attack. The only things you should be able to parry are projectiles, and meaties, both of which are easy. Anything else is just showing off.

Check out the Remy forums. They have lots of information.

Tap down when you hit the ground to quickroll. If the last thing that hit you was not part of a super art, then you can quick roll (e.g. you can’t quick roll after you land from a genei jin combo, unless the last part of the combo was when yun was not in genei jin (although it may have been part of the same combo)).

There are certain situations where you might want to rise quickly before your oppopent, for example, gets a chance to gain ground on you after a throw, and there are some situations where you might not, for example, if yun throws you and immediately activates genei jin; by not quick rolling you waste some of his genei jin time. Long story short, it’s situational, and you shouldn’t “always roll” or “never roll”.

The best way to learn how to parry is by experience; you shouldn’t consciously learn how to parry, as it interferes with your game and you don’t get much out of it. You should consciously parry things that you know you have a high probability of parrying (projectiles, slow attacks you can see coming, missed supers where you can gain an advantage like chun’s SA II last hit, predictable jump-ins etc.), but nothing more.

The best way to learn how to kara (in my opinion) is training mode with akuma. Try to kara into throw; if it works, he will make the grunt sound from his but you will see a throw animation. Too early, and you do not see the throw, too late and you will not hear the grunt. Tap the buttons distinctively enough to hear two clicks, but still quick enough to cancel the This will give you a good idea of kara-cancel timing.

For question 4.

In regards to Remy specifically, the attempt at a kara throw with rh will cause dust to appear behind him. You’ll move a somewhat noticeable distance into a throw animation.

As for the kara RRF from throw, just make sure you’re holding down (buffering the rrf) at the beginning of the throw, and after the combo ends quickly hit up+k. The timing is different for every character thrown, such as the shotos being kara’d quite easily as for the lighter characters(makoto, yun, ibuki) require some timing.

remy’s kara can also be done with mp, I use this with anything besides karathrow, mostly to connect flashkick in the corner after neutral throw, down, neutral + mp, up + kick
Because its easy to mess up the flashkick if you make the kara with hk

Thanks a lot for the advice. It helped. I’m actually starting to win once in awhile now. lol.

One thing I was confused about was something novolic said in regards to Neutral corner throw followed by RRF. Timing is different for other characters? Does that mean it is possible to connect the RRF on Yun without using a kara if my timing is right? I actually have trouble connecting it on Dudley and Alex too sometimes. Shotos and Chun seem to be easiest. Guess it just has something to do with hit boxes but what I’m wondering now is do I not NEED to kara if my timing is right?

My next question is about elbows…
I noticed that I hit with my jumping F.P with Remy quite often on really good players and I never really knew why. Recently I fought a Dudley who did jump in elbow (don’t know if that is F.P or RH:confused:) and found I couldn’t parry it when I could parry most jump ins. Is the timing for elbows a bit different from the normal jump in attacks? If so would it be good to alternate between jump in F.P and RH with Remy as it might mess up there parry timing? (These guys parry everything lol) Or are they just hitting the attack late or earlier to mess up the timing?

Just something I was wondering last time.

Ah, one last one. How do you do Yang’s ex slashes? I have a really hard time pulling this off on a stick and it’s a little important to do with Yang. :wonder: Any advice on how to do it easier on a stick? I get two hits out of it then it stops…

You have to be smooth on this. When you get the opportunity to do an EX Mantis Slash, try changing your grip on the stick to the ‘Roshihikari Grip’. This is holding the stick with your palm facing slightly upwards instead of downwards, hold it a little bit like a wine glass, with the ball comfortably placed between your middle and ring fingers, or your middle and index fingers, whatever suits you better.

Then very smoothly roll the stick to do the Mantis Slash motion, while pressing the 2 punches (I suggest LP and MP). Then continue that smooth roll of the stick for 4 more times. You only need to press 2 punches for the first slash, after that, just press one punch for the rest, its easier.

EX slashes - the most common problem and reason that people mess this up - they do it too fast.

You would be surprised at how easy this move actually is. Just do the motion + 2 punches, then do it again SLOWLY - almost like doing two slashes per second.

Then with practice you can speed it up which isn’t important anyway.

economy of motion for EX slashes, you can make fireballs relatively small and still have them come out. same thing with half circles not being true half circles and standing gigas just being a 540.
when i do EX-slashes i just put the stick into the DF position and move it kind of jerkily almost like a diagonal line. also like naz said, go fast and slow and find out the proper timing. i actually do this for every move in the game, supers and everything else. find the slowest and fastest you can do it for it still to register. it gives you some confidence when busting moves b/c you know how big the windows are.

okay, as for fighting people who are WAY beastlier than you i definately have experience with that. that is how I level up. first off, stay calm! good opponents can crush you fast and you can’t get flustered when they do 80% life in one combo b/c thats just how the game runs you gotta stay calm and try to hit them back as best you can.
try to play as safe as possible and work on figuring out how to avoid setups that lead to easy damage for them. e.g. avoiding ken’s crossups or figuring out the best options for wakeup game.
its okay to lose a ton of games in a row to a good player, don’t get frustrated, just pay attention to your losses and try not to let them beat you the same way twice.
when i was new, and still even now i would just pump in quarters and get a little closer to winning each time until you finally win a round then a match. at the end of that process you are a better player than before!
so the best thing to do against people that way outclass you is: learn from them!
ya know that phrase “ah shit he schooled you”. we all have to go to school periodically, so keep your chin up, your mind clear and make sure you take notes!

Quick-roll to gain your own space, first and foremost.

Don’t concentrate on winning, so much as observing what he’s doing and what you’re not. That isn’t to say you shouldn’t be trying to win, but a lot of people seem to just say screw it, or panic, and try to be as random as possible, hoping to luck out a win. You won’t learn anything by doing that.

A lot of people mistake me for a turtle when I first start playing a new fighter because of this. I’m not afraid to attack. I’m observing their patterns/habits and looking for safe openings. Everyone used to always mention how Daigo needed one round to warm up, but it wasn’t just that; he was watching how they play.

What you just said sounded so cool, Like, I can’t belive how cool you are now.
I’d rep you if I could… Honestly.:lovin:

EDIT: I have a question… Why is it sometimes Yun does not have any Duplicates of him during Genei Jin?

It’s a bug. Happens whenever Akuma teleports. Fun Fact: If Akuma teleports during Yang sa3, the shadows dissappear, effectively deactivating the super.

that IS a fun fact!

I like the advice on blocking.

Great stuff guys. Thanks a lot, it helps.

I’ve been wondering something else lately. I’m having trouble a bit with two in ones on a stick.

Example: Hadouken + Shinkuu Hadouken. On a pad I just kinda mash it and both fireballs come out. :looney: but on a stick it’s like 50/50 for me. What does the actually motion look like? Is it like QCF P QCF P or what?

In addtion for charge characters like Remy;
LOV Low Plus SA1.
Charge back, roll to forward kick then QCF P seems to work well for me but what do I do for RRF into SA1? Just curious what that motion would look like. Thanks. ~ 3:56

Hey thanks! That’s a pretty good tutorial. I didn’t know about the “negative edge” stuff either. I think I watched this before a long time ago but didn’t completely understand what they meant but it makes a lot more sense now.