Genius F-1000 fight stick mod help


hell guys, i am an old reader of srk forum. but this is my 1st time posting anything. i tried to search the forum but couldn’t find anything on this stick. so , yeah i am really new into this. and i want some help with some pretty stupid stuff. can you guys tell me what size button this stick has. this is the only stick available in my country ( bangladesh ), i just brought it. i was thinking of buying some sanwa parts from abroad. a bit confused about the button size.


You need to take a button out and measure the diameter of the hole with a ruler or calipers. If you can’t take the button out, you can get an approximate measure from the actual part you push down, but I wouldn’t buy parts based off of that alone.


I tried to look up the reviews on the stick.
From all the reviews, they said the body is kinda sturdy. But in reality is quite standard.
Unfortunately it looks like all the reviewers are not serious stick players.

Also at $60 I wouldn’t expect much from it.

I have a Rule of Thumb for buying sticks. And this applies to their original MSRP not there current or sales price.
Avoid Sticks at or below $50.

This stick is at $60 so don’t expect much. Also with out seeing inside of the stick, I don;t know if a proper Joystick would mount inside or not.


Why are the pictures revered?


Looks like screen shots from a you tube vid



I wrote a review on this stick for those interested complete with a parts break down so you can see what you get inside for reference.


I have one main issue with that review. The layout on that stick is NOT the Sega Astro City layout.


Thanks, I will edit it. I will just provide the measurements as it might not be any standard layout.


The issue is that the 3rd column of buttons are still higher than the second. Making the first six buttons actually closer to the Vewlix.