Genreal Ryu Questions



playing around with Ryu a bit more seriously.

What is his best pokes?

What can I do after a cross up MK?

Genreal mind games?

What are his most damaging combos?

Set ups for FP -> RH combo?

Set ups for karathrow?

Set ups for all his super arts?

Is there a FAQ already covering all of this?


::Genreal mind games?
cheesy wake up SAIIs. lol just kidding

ex fireball > donkey kick cancel > srk
purely a mind game, doesn’t work everytime =P

double jab dps
or triples like i do… haha noobiest tactic ever

cr.short > kara-throws
like ken

wakeup ex-hurricane kicks

ryu is a little more predictable than most characters tho i’d say,
most people are very familiar with playing him

just my two pennies


Shotos can’t poke.