Gen's kara grabs

Yeah completly agreed, Super Gen has grown on me, i also dropped him a little bit and got 12k bp with adon, guy, hakan and akuma.
Then came back to Gen… i had this weird nostalgia about him, i just feel overall more solid with him when i apply all this knowledge of matchups i have learned. And watching the lack of REP to him really motivated me.

I gotta thank people like Rokotsu, RedFox, and Messiah for keeping the gen hype alive, i really love you guys.

Real talk. I played honda way back in st. In vanilla i rocked him and rog.
Super i was all about cody and guy. Before ae i was running back alpha 3 wishing gen was like that.
I stepped away from sf due to frustration and lack of understaning of the finer metagames thereof.
So i redid all lf the trials from vanilla, then super, for each character. Instead of going only for comboes and flash, i accepted my losses against things like bison herpderp, guile flash kick sweep sonic boom and otjer dumb shit. I got mad. Not," imma kill u " mad, but just hungry to find answers about how to not lose to that stuff again.
Gen was that answer for me.i play himn only now on xbl.
Add me. Knigrowedamus
Guys like u gen players and amiyu inspire me to no end.
Thank you