Gen's Mixup Game/Options

I have been using gen and my game is quite linear, pls can anyone help me with some mixups with Gen that are relatively safe to do.

this is kind of a vague question that you are posing. are you talking on hard knockdowns after a sweep? after you start a block string? after giekro combo finishers? front throws? back throws?

I need for sweep, block strings and gekiro enders

Given how truly great Gen is at frame trapping and rushing down his mixup game isn’t TERRIBLY good (still good).

Off sweeps crossup/ambiguous top of the head but still going over them Oga is pretty good and moderately safe. Against characters that cannot cover a lot of range really quickly then fuzzy guard instant overhead is pretty good. Then there are the forward throw > lp roll whiff > crane jump forward mk/hk safe jump 50/50s (unblockables on some). That’s pretty much it other than really obvious overhead/up scoops.

pls what is a fuzzy guard and instant overhead?

An instant overhead is a jumping attack that can hit a crouching opponent if you do it instantly after jumping. This sort of attack kind of sparse in AE, more common in MvC3. The best example is Dhalsim’s j.hp.

Fuzzy guard is when you hit a blocking character with a jumping attack, and then do an instant overhead immediately. After the jumping attack the opponent might start to block low, but his character won’t crouch until the blockstun is finished. The game still registers them as blocking low though. Do the instant overhead during this blockstun, and you’re pratically hitting a crouching character with a standing hitbox.

Gen doesn’t have much use for this, I think Juri gets the most out of it with some shenanigans.

Just to shed some light if you get hit with a instant over head. In most cases if you have super you can mantis, crane super them. Even on hit. Dante Valmonte loves to do these so I went into the lab and tested it vs Gen and he can be punished. I’m assuming it’s the same for almost everyone else. I think I’ll go in the lab to see if an instant over head by Sim aka j back hp can be punished by crane super.

Gen’s crane is a very useful tool for fuzzy/instant overhead setups.

Fuzzy guard does not necessarily have to be after a jump in, whenever a character wakes up it is also possible unless they force a cancel of their wakeup animation (if they just try to block they will get hit) because in this game it takes 2 frames for your hitbox to transition from standing to crouching.

There are a plentitude of characters that can’t punish you without super/ultra - just record it in the training room and test out their option, I forget who can/can’t.

Because you are such a frame trap monster you don’t have that much of a mixup game without it being hugely telegraphed.

Xaaz and Jav1ts did a video about punishing the yoga Sniper with boxer, it’s the same for most characters. As someone said earlier, characters like Juri and Adon get the most mileage out of instant overheads, because they can hit you and cancel into specials making it much safer/damaging, than say Chun, Sim or Vega, who just jump back fierce or roundhouse. Hell with Gen you probably have enough time to dash forward [M] for an air reset then go for mixup. I don’t know if Gen can air reset and dash under, but i don’t see why not.