Gen's overhead & " underhead " ( crane s.hp )



When is the best time to use these two ? I’ve seen alot of replays of player’s using gen’s overhead after a reset and that’s about it, his underhead seems fairly underused imo


Training a player to tech throw and then baiting the tech with walk up LP+LK+HP

Sometimes I do it to someone who jumps infront of me without some far reaching normal to keep me out.


Is the overhead decent on your opponents wakeup if you do a meaty one ?


I usually never use either of them except in the last round after establishing wether or not my opponent will mash srk on wake-up. Then I’ll use the overhead which is usually after knocking them down (preferably in the corner since you can get a cheap throw into oga cross-up lol). In the rare case I did use my overhead once or twice already I will do the same as I just described except I use the underhead.


This may be off-topic but speaking of oga-crossups, did they patch it or something ? I’ve been having difficulties doing the f.throw, whiff crane h.k, medium oga cross-up recently that I’ve been able to do consistently online prior to the latest patch. Also I’ve been dumbing down my gameplay due to playing dumb opponents recently, I never found a moment to use the overhead or the underhead because 80% of the players I’ve been playing against recently have had this annoying habit of doing wake-up ultras/mashed srks, I was getting confused whether I was doing something wrong or if I was actually doing it right, thanks to your explanation I feel abit more confident in my Gen, thanks !


They didnt patch it, its still there


First of all, overheads will connect on people who don’t DP on reaction. If you are overhead happy, gauge their reactions before you resort to it. Gen’s overhead has insane range (more than Cody’s, as far as I know), so use it at max range. It’ll beat the usual frantic crouch teching. Exceptions are probably Cody/Gouken, who have a good range on c.LK.

On the more experienced players who buffer DP on wakeup or use invincible charge moves on reaction, you’ll never hit it. Even when you make clear that charge moves are unsafe, the overhead/underhead have considerable startup frames so that they can see it coming. You’re best off using it on ranges where you’re likely to use a kara back throw (more range than kara forward throw) AND, as Warlike stated, when they aren’t likely to DP out of situations/at random. s.HP isn’t really usable unless you’ve connected several overheads, since s.HP does 200 damage and knowing that, they’ll prefer 100 damage from the overhead and a +1 frame advantage.


only use for the “underhead” i know of is you can combo into it with a DEEP crane jhk far as i remember.


Another move I’ve seen people use ( though rarely ) is the crane, is it used to stuff fireballs or am I completely wrong ?


Stuff fireballs? I only see it for tagging your opponent with fuzzy guard and great air to air.


Yeb used it to counter reversal Lariats. It’s also the best air-to-air when jumping back. For neutral jumps I still advise crane j.HP (air-to-ground), Shakudan (air-to-air, super juggle optional) or j.LK (great hitbox, excellent against floaty jumps like Chun/Sim/Guy).

Fireballs, nah. You either counterhit them, fly over the fireball or get hit instead. I do use it against Guile players when reading their SB, but it requires some luck.


Just played an endless set against a good ryu, managed to land the underhead once after a reset and the overhead a few times ( used it at max range as Thebook said, we were playing footsies and instead of using mp - hands I just went with the overhead ) gonna have to go completely offtopic again because I dont want to make another thread and if I can get a quick answer it’ll severely help my gameplay with Gen. Whenever I fadc hands and go for the I always get m.hands instead, sup with that ? any tips on how to avoid getting hands instead of mp ? I’m not mashing mp hands/tc2 hands or anything


you get hands after the fadc? Weird, it never happens to me, I guess it depends on the position of your fingers…


It’s kinda slow so I only use it if my opponent isn’t the typical Shoto who relies on SRK when he feels the pressure.

I don’t get to use it a lot.

Other than that, If I do light hands I’ll sometimes walk forward and do it from max range. Just looks swag and it really makes people aware that downback isn’t universal.


Liked because of swag.


I might be inputting everything too fast, I’m not sure.


1 hour

I use crane cr hp crane s hp and crane s mp and crane cr mk lol


Haha that was sick, I never find a good opportunity to use shitenketsu ( That’s what it’s called, right ? ) any tips ?


I’ll share with you something I use that works probably 75% of the time

Overheads are incredibly useful for defensive players. So when do I use them? (mantis) > overhead, in mantis on hit you are +6, and on block +5, pushes them back far enough so that their won’t hit you, if it happens to, do two

Now this is the fun part, if the overhead hits them, you’re +1, and in mantis starts up in 4f, which means there’s a 3f gap between your overhead and After the overhead on HIT, go for another (mantis), then go for another overhead! After they get hit by the overhead, they’ll usually try to neutral jump, or throw out a normal because they feel pressured, the in mantis will give you a counterhit. The worst that can happen is that they’ll dp or do something invincible, but this is where you start reading them. If they backdash wait and sweep, if they jump back, push them to the corner, if they do something invincible/unsafe, wait and punish. Keep in mind as you’re doing all this, you’re conditioning them to block high, this is when you apply the s.hp in crane, the low hit, do it on their wakeup, feels great to do 200dmg with one move.

I use this tactic a WHOLE lot, works so well for me. I’ll try to find some examples of live matches.

My match against a local Deejay, 3:04:33


I’m trying to use Mantis st.LP instead of st.MP atm, as I’ve been grabbed after trying st.MP, which is very recent. If you break focus with the overhead, you can link with Mantis st.LP which is a non-plinkable 1f link. I still go for st.MP -> overhead -> st.MP -> anything or a few cr.LPs -> overhead sometimes, or even raw overhead.

An example of me using it against MCZ Chris just got deleted from twitch :frowning: