Gen's wake-up game

Besides his ex-oga I find Gen has a really hard time with rush downs on wake up. His gekiro and ex-gekiro can easily be beat or thrown.

Does anyone have any tips on anything else that can be used during a wake-up if you don’t have any super bar saved up?

Back dash. Forward dash under cross-ups. Jump back crane fp. Reversal gekiro. Not many good options other than dash i don’t think. I have problems with rush downs too. :frowning:

I feel your pain. Gen’s somewhat handicapped before building some meter.
Backdash works well but if your in the corner things can get ugly.

Rolling can work against a jumpy opponent if they’re not expecting it.

Gen’s defensive wake-up game is not at all lacking. His unique options are ex-Oga and Gekiro (hit invincible), and like every other character he can back dash (his is really good) or drum roll please… block! It’s always been a personal rule of mine to prioritize blocking and reacting to throws and overheads since my 3rd strike days. Blocking is pretty much always the best way to gain knowledge of your opponent because you can observe his habits more safely and get a feel for what he wants to do next.

As far as grabs vs Gekiro, most command grabs are slow to recover. If you’re worried about being grabbed on wake-up from a reversal Gekiro, you should keep in mind that your opponent should also be worried about being hit from a wall dive from Ex-Oga. This gives them reason to not attack or grab you. That’s not to say that the player shouldn’t do either, but that they can potentially be punished or left less offensive given any option they choose. Even if they choose to do nothing in anticipation of your unique options, you’ve accomplished your defensive goal by eliminating their wake-up/meaty attempts.

The exception would be certain low attacks on wake-up which beat Ex-Oga and Gekiro. However, most low hitting/profile attacks aren’t as frame advantageous as others, so after the that attack hits you’re basically on your way to freedom, so long as you didn’t choose to not block low.

But that’s the beauty of Street Fighter.

If that is so, how is it possible that shoto-type chars can counter with (and maybe some others)? When they are timed correctly, I simply get hit out of Gekiro. EX or not.

Cross-up? In some cases air attack’s hit boxes and active hit frames are out long enough to where it hits you meaty, but more importantly hit you low where Gekiro won’t reach them. By that time Gen’s invincibility is wore out, so you lose the situation.

I’m not precisely sure of the reason, but I’m sure it has something to do with the reasons above.

paging Yeb :wgrin:

Gekiro on wake-up is more useful against taller characters (Sagat, Abel, Zangief) who have tall crouch hitboxes and also characters that have standing attacks (Fei, ???) with frame advantage with an incentive to use them. I believe it beats some crouching attack as well, like Ryu’s crouching strong.

Against most characters, it’s better to just ex-oga to the other side of their cross-up (unless it positions you in the corner), rather than Gekiro.

Gekiro may be hit invincible, and it has its uses as a wake-up option but it’s not very comparable to a dragon punch like Ryu’s in that sense. Dragon punches are fast, invincible and hit starting from a low arch and can be FADC if they make contact. Gekiro hits high mid, is slow (7 frame startup iirc) and cannot be FADC – even though you have an option to hit certain characters as you are landing most can just punish you as soon as you’re in the air.

Gekiro is by far NOT the most greatest wake-up option in Street Fighter, but it’s an option. Personally, I don’t like to use it much other than maybe once or twice, and that’s more used just so my opponent knows I have it on the brain.

It’s not really a weird hitbox issue. A Gekiro won’t scoop people off the ground if they’re doing a move that gets extremely low, like Rose’s slide or Ryu’s c.MK, but it still hits low enough for the vast majority of attacks. The real cause of whiffing is that it doesn’t have much horizontal range; it can’t even hit Sagat if he does a meaty attack from outside of about throw distance.

When the opponent’s right next to you, a Gekiro has the potential to beat almost any attack that’s truly meaty (i.e. already in active frames as Gen’s reversal starts.) However, that’s basically the only situation where it will work - the invincibility is just enough to allow the active frames to pass so Gen hits the opponent in their recovery frames. In other words, it can lose to any attack too, just as long they time it a little later to outlast Gen’s invincibility. Even in the one situation it can work, it’s totally unreliable.

Attacks that have a large amount active frames can easily outlast it as well. Jumpins have both a large number of active frames and recover too fast on the ground anyway, so it’s absurdly easy to jump at Gen after a knockdown, cross-up or not. The only way it can possibly be dangerous for someone is if they time it so late that it’s practically a regular jumpin.

Honestly, I think the most common wakeup situation where I actually catch people is when they walk right into it.

Truthfully without meter ive found the best wake up option is simply backdashing on wake up shits gooooood not chun or cammy good, but gooooood

Thanks for all the info! I definately think backdash seems to be the most viable when i’m out of meter and too afraid to block :stuck_out_tongue:

never tried that , its a bit risky no ? but i admit i ve been grabbed out REVERSALS Gekiro and Hands so i wont deny that is good ! but any one have an example of these wake up back dashes? would like to see that and maybe adapt my fighting style when im out of meter

an example i meant a link to vid on youtube or something?

Just mixing normal Gekiro with backdash/EX Gekiro made me start going way up into the ranking in a single day.
This forum IS just like magic! :3

hey everyone, Im from the Rufus forum, but I 2nd Gen, so im gonna be here for a while =P

IMO gekiro is not so good as a wake-up, unless theyre jumping at you, then I use it. It has happened so many times, that when I try to do gekiro as a wake-up I get owned by meaties cr.MKs specially sagats, so I just block, backdash or if I really want get out of there EX-Oga

Gekiro was one of the best wake-up moves overall in SFA3. I dunno why they nefred it so badly.

Can anyone give any suggestions on Wake up VS Fuerte? Going to be fighting one tomorrow and I’m just clueless on the guy. He knocks me down and I’m pretty much done. Can usually backdash out of things but if he slides he still gets the sweep in sometimes and if not he’s still right in my face.

Fuerte really kills it for me. They either dominate me or I dominate them. There’s never an inbetween. And when I’m losing, its just because I can’t get up.

Oh and have any of you fought those fuertes that will get a few hits in and literally jump back the entire time and if you try and chase them down they might throw in an attack but then just jump back some more? I don’t even know what to do. It’s like the worst kind of turtling, and it seems ridiculously hard for gen just because he jumps so high and gen jumps so low.

Fuerte online? That’s not even a fight. :rofl: Just guess. That’s really about all you can do in lag against that character.

Seriously, everything fuerte does is a toss up when lag is applied – more so than normal. You can’t react/identify what he’s doing and Fuerte can bait you to move and just do what he was gonna do anyways, regardless if you fell for the bait or not.

Offline you can be a little more reactionary and threatening with focus attacks > back dashes. Standing mk punishes blocked splashes. Gekiro splashes. Low roundhouse to punish if they whiff. Try to walk him towards the corner and work from mid range poke zone and gekiro wall jumps. You really have to be aware of his options at all times and ready for all of them at once. I guess that goes for every character ever made but… yeah.

I’ll write a bit more in my thread later.

Yeah I agree with being wary of Fuerte’s options. You can’t jump forward or sometimes even neutral jump without fear of getting Ultra’d. Plus if he runs near you you have to be prepared for like 5 different options.

I read somewhere, i can’t remember where, that crouching mk has weird a hitbox and will stuff crossups. I may have misread it and i can’t find it again to double check.

That actually works really well against Viper air flame kicks. I stole that from Diago using Ryu’s crouching mk to low profile under it. Works just the same with Gen.

to give him a weak spot. meterless cure all in addition to his already deep bag o tools leans towards broken