Genshir0, where is he now?


is he posting under a different nick? is he still banned?

I miss his artsy fartsy posts


“How do you call yourself Netology and still fail at the internet?” -Adam Warlock

edit for new people:

OP is a troll.


haha, troll nostalgia. Who knows. Surfing in the sky lagoon with Dr.B imo


oh shit, where’s adam warlock? Dude was like the only person who made me actually laugh a little.


this isn’t a “where is adam warlock” thread, it’s clearly a “where is genshir0” thread.

jesus, try and keep up

Define troll. Plz.


I have no clue if you’re trolling me or not. :sad:

If you are not.

Black Jesus. :coffee:

If you are.


He’s not here, as it should be.


dude, when i was young i used to watch sailor moon

didn’t you used to have a more explicit or obscene avatar, with like a guy biting a chick’s ear? or no


Purely because it was decidedly awesome, I remember his last avatar being chibi Hazama.


You’re thinking of someone else… although I forget his name. Nightsomething… I think.

I have had previous avatars in the past that were pretty risque, like a big black censor bar over a girl’s tits (image taken from hentai games) with my name on it, but that was before they started banning those kinds of avatars.


Hopefully g3nshiro has died a slow painful death by torture. and i mean it.


oh true true,

damn the mods!


srsly, team tongue fuckers av is the BEST thing i’ve seen in a while.


Truth…and the bullet bill crashing into the city av.

I miss genshir0 getting owned :frowning:


ya that one is really good, too.


I just want everyone to remember that its hard to hold a candle in the cold November rain.


Where were you guys during avatar of the year voting?

Adam Warlock is still here, just incognito. g3nshir0… well, I’m sure his insatiable foot fetish has him learning how to type with his feet. Once he masters that, he’ll be back.


In Mother Russia…


I completely forgot about his Stalin Commulust. /thread, it is done.


I completely forgot about his Stalin Commulust. /thread, it is done.