Gentleman Comes to train vs the power hungry Muy thai fighters

Hey, I main Dudley, and I wanted to get games in with some of the beast Adon players.
I am Xbl exclusive for super so please message me if you are down to play tosses rose and dissapears

I’ll fight you. I’ve got a decent Adon. Send me a friend request and I’ll be more than happy to play against you.

im game

cool I’ll add you guys when i get home

my xbl is GxThunda hit me up and tenyard remember our mirror matches, ggs

Hey friends, there’s a ADON MATCH MAKING THREAD sticky-ed at the top of the page. Certainly you didn’t see it, otherwise you wouldn’t have made this thread I’m sure.

ya thats for all the adons this is a character challenge, i feel its different

I’d be down! Add me on PSN.