Gentlemen, be afraid

Be VERY afraid.



May I ask what that video was? Its been removed…

Watch the second match in this video: [media=youtube]wXNYrjATPKA[/media]

For details, check the Makoto forum under the “100% stun” thread.

HO-LEE JIT! Man I am SO getting back to using Oro! Those were some neat matches!

You’ve got a pretty sick Oro, Jinrai. You should play Hung at an Evo sometime, he’s got a really good Oro too. That would be a fun mirror match to watch.

Eh, my Oro isn’t that good or else I’d be beating Moe more often.

And Oro vs Oro is a very, VERY gay matchup. Trust me on this.

Double fukiage on oro is teh sick

What’s so bad about oro vs oro?

I’ve had more than one Oro vs Oro that ran the clock down. They’re usually long, drawn-out, boring matches. Activating Tengu at the same time sucks especially hard because you just play ground footsies for the length of the meter.

Oro vs Oro is pretty gay.

EDIT: I’ve never seen you play before, Jinrai, you’re a lot of fun to watch. First time I’ve seen somebody use so many juggle variations in actual play.

I actually enjoy Oro vs Oro every now and again. Usually some extremely random shit happens. but id also agree that 9/10 times. Oro vs Oro is a turtle poke fest with fire balls double jumping and dashing. Still better than Chun Li vs ChunLi. boooooooooooooo


Don’t all laugh at once.

aww its gone already =(

Dirty>inoue>hirochan>aroha>hung>jinrai>el carpeto>>>thanatos

the troof!

Jin: Hit me up on #capcom and you can have 'em all. I’m pulling an a-cho and only leaving them up on youtube for a few days each.


Newest batch. You’ll notice we parry too much because we know each other too well. It gets so silly that we sometimes stand next to each other doing nothing but twitching forward or down.

Moe: "He’s gonna attack, if I throw he’ll hit me! Better parry."
Jinrai: “He’s gonna attack, if I throw he’ll hit me! Better parry.”

Of course, most of the time we’ll actually block or throw. Just kidding around.

Jinrai, good shit man. Question for you. Are you using mostly HK for karathrow in these matches? Are you using far MK at all? I never really gave HK much thought because I thought it didn’t give much range, but you seem to get a shit load of range on your karathrows. Like jump in j.HK, karathrow? I had no idea you could get that much range from a HK kara. Also, since I’m asking, what other setups are good for the HK kara? Like I saw you do tick close s.LK, karathrow. Any others that are nice?

I never use far Forward to karathrow because it screws up if you’re too close. Roundhouse is shorter range, but way more reliable.

Man of Gold shows some throw/karathrow setups. You can even stick out two light attacks before karathrowing.

Hm yeah, I know exactly what you’re referring to in Man of Gold (even though I haven’t watched it in forever, lol), the s.LK, c.LK, karathrow setup, right? But I thought that was a specific set up for far s.MK kara, because I thought that string gave you the right distance for the far kara. Or at least really close to the right distance. But anyway, man, I was not aware HK gave you that much range. Definately gonna have to fool around with that myself.

Also, one more quickie: At the very beginning of the vid, you jump in and do j.HK, s.MP xx HP fireball, etc.

The fireball is unsafe (on everyone except Hugo), correct? I’m assuming you did that because you saw Urien’s c.HK whiff, so the combo was “hit confirmed” in a sense (even though you waited so long to land the j.HK so deep, he was able to block, lol). But why do the fireball combo at all? I remember you listing the difference in combos somewhere, but I can’t find where. I think you said the fireball variation does the same exact damage as the standard chicken combo ([s.MP xx MK chicken]x2, ender), but builds slightly less meter, but does more stun. Do I have it right?

The fireball is safe on Urien if the launch is blocked high. If the launch is blocked low, the fireball will whiff. Try it! :slight_smile:

And yeah, you’re right about the stun. I just did it to be fancy. It’s casuals after all.

Interesting tidbit. Mostly useless, but interesting :wgrin:.

I hear that. And you definately succeeded, cause that combo looked sweet as hell :clap:.