Genuine SANWA USB/SONY PS2 Fighting Joystick


I found a website called goodluckbuy they’re selling a ps2 usb with sanwa joystick and buttons for just under $117.00

Has anyone heard of this website? Is this deal too good too be true?


you would be better off getting the deal that madcatz is having now ( Mad Catz NorCal Regionals 2013 Promo! 50% OFF MLG FightStick (PS3) & $60 OFF Select FightSticks! )… unless you need PS2… but even then it could be modded easily enough


I don’t know how to dual mod a joystick.

I do have a wii madcatz te with sanwa parts and an adapter to ps2. What do you think if I were to join two ps2 extension cables male to male, then use the wii adapter to the ps2?


if you mean the TvC stick, it wont work for PS2, PS3 is possible with a USB adaptor (mayflash) though.

Obviously you need PS2… and if you dont want to deal with modding, you can try the original stick you posted… I dont see a lot of positive feedback concerning them (lot of negative though just from google search)… never dealt with that site… maybe someone else here has.


Post a link to the stick.

EDIT: Looks like it’s on a generic copy of the old Qanba Q1 case.


I’ve looked at many, many of these and similar sticks on the web. Main reason not to get this is the case itself - the base doesn’t have much depth, and looks like it will not be comfortable on the lap (it’s much smaller than the top panel would have you believe). Some of the button layouts are a bit crazy, too.

You can buy these with generic parts on dx and aliexpress for about $30 btw, in case you fancy trying the case on its own.


I googled for it, took a look at what they got. I got to say skip it.


These look like the same sticks which come with a slab of concrete in them. I’m not joking…



My god. I might have to get one just to see this.


If at least they were cheap… This is actually much more expensive than a TE with the discounts they are having right now. If you keep an eye out for MCZ discounts or buy something used, you can get a TE (or a Hori) for half the price of one of those. Use the rest of the money to pay someone to mod it for you. You will end up with a way better stick.

Or get the TE, a cthulhu board and the ps2 cable for it. You won’t even have to solder to make the mod. Fail… read what comes next…


Yes, you do have to solder.

Unless you are confusing this with a Kitty TE?


I thougt that if you get the cable already done and ignored the AS board and just use the cthulhu you could do the whole thing withowt soldering. If I’m wrong please do correct me. That might not be the best solution, but would still be better than getting the cheapo Q1 knockoff…


And how are you going to connect the cable or RJ45 jack to the MC Cthulhu?


Only now I see the Cthulhu doesn’t have the RJ 45, but a ?USB? port. Does the Akishop ps360+ board support that directly?

I thought there was a cable that could be used directly with the cthulhu to make the installation solderless. Was almost sure I read that somewhere. Guess i’m wrong. Sorry.




confirmed not working; attaching two male ps2 cords to another with ps2 to wii adapter does not work. The adapter lit up and the joystick lights turned on… no function.