Genuinely, I hope this game will add more deepness. [ Am I saying the words right? -_-]


=) =) I understand CAPCOM wanna arrow the gap between the old and new players, but this game has too many 50-50s, it’s so hard to say I’m sure I will beat someone as long as the opponent is not that bad, seriously, this game, if you know how to jump and use V-Trigger, then you can win anyone in this world. It’s really “piss me off” whenever I lose to someone that just guess all right on wakeup. [If you know what I’m saying.] Anyway, I miss the USF4 old days, when people talk about one character, there is always a player name flush in their minds. So, all am I saying is that I hope this game’s system will become like " Practice a lot can really pull open the gap ". [ At last, I pull this out ninety percent is to pratice my English, so , peace? =) =) ]




I get what you’re saying.


Historically speaking, each iteration or revision of an SF game has become more complex, refined, and arguably deeper than its predecessor. I don’t see why this pattern of development will change with this SF.


You like it deep?


I read the title as “I hope the game will add more derpness”.


Depth, deepness…tomato tomahto


Infiltration the only one in the deep end so far.


Then can you explain to the rest of the class what the fuck he or she is talking about?


The original poster is saying that the game is shallow.


Maybe op wants 3 different kinds of jumps, max supers, ex supers, regular supers, large roster…

Something fit for a King…


I think he wants USF4, like he insinuated.


Interesting point OP. So now explain why the same person keeps winning all the tournaments he attends.


Well obviously gambling and the maffia is involved there.


This game sucks


The game has been watered down so much and made so limited that it has done the exact opposite of capcoms stated goal with SF5. Instead of creating more tourny viable players than SF4 they’ve created less. Limiting top players to the degree that SF5 does leaves most of them unable to truly excel in such a base game and if you removed the capcom dollars from this they wouldn’t touch it. The casual market wisely stayed away from this mess. So what now is the reasoning to keep the game so basic and bad? It is fine for people that want to defend this unfinished, base, extremely limited, pedestrian excuse for a game, but be real about what it is and that it missed the mark (casual players). I remember when there use to be speculation on who would win SF4 majors and the excitement that brought, now everyone knows Infiltration will win every event he attends in SF5.


He just lost CEO like 2 months ago to Tokido. It’s not dat serious bro.


Let’s forget that SF 5 was lacking in single-player content on launch and is a PS4 (& PC) exclusive. No, the reason this game sold less than S.F. 4, which funny enough released on the PS3 AND 360, is because it’s easier to play. Sure you right :smiley: .


This rose colored glasses re:SF4 stuff is hilarious. Real talk: SF4 sucked. Particularly from AE on. It was exciting because people were actually playing SF in big numbers again, not because of the game.


Why were a large number people playing SF again if it wasn’t because of the game?