Geometry wars (xbox live arcade for 360)

Does anyone here play this? I only see 2 people who even have a score on my friends list. The game is addictive as fuck.

Anyway, post your high scores here.

So far I managed to get about 1, 096,000. I’m not home right now so i’m not sure about what the score is exactly but it’s over 1 mil.

Someone on my friends list plays it fairly often. Screenshots look… weird as hell, but cool?

Yeah I’ve played it

I have the full version but I’ve only scored around 300,000 my first time. umm The controls are like robotron you move with one joystick and shoot in a direction with another. you have bombs and fly around trying to survive while these geometry shapes chase you and you have these little black holes that come up every now and then that start sucking up things and if they get a lot the pop and send all these lil things after you. I’m guessing you’re playing the evolved version right? not the retro? If ya wanna add me my 360 account is DIPSETDaPROBLEM

Is there a java version on the internet I can play

Yeah, I play evolved. I will hit you up with a fr.

Alucard, not sure about a java version.

I still have that name on my FR send me a new one damnit. Mr SNK.

I play it as well. My high score is only around 260, but that was without using bombs. When I get to playing it more often (after I beat pgr3, doa, and cod2, I’ll get a good score. Add me if you want.

I could have sworn you were on my list already. If not i will send you another fr.

GALACTIC AE is a friend of mine that i see play that, still havent a clue what it is… might as well check it

My high is like 594,000, workin to get better.


math gone bad

I haven’t played since the update, but im sure I had up to 1.6 mil. add me, it would get me to play more since everyone else on my list plays either hyper or doa4. livingxlegend