Georgia FGC..."Growing our scene is still the key."


What game?

Most people are on the Facebook group:


SF IV and v. I think I was in that group previously but I can’t get back in.


Hm, maybe it’s just taking the admins time to admit you. No clue why it’s a closed group.


is there anything in middle GA?


Recently joining the FGC here in Georgia and trying to find the best place for locals. I’m all the way out in “damn near Bama” otherwise known as Temple (think Villa Rica and Carrollton). Going to be playing SFV primarily.
Pending to the Facebook group mentioned here, but can anyone point me in the direction of a good local scene?


Hey I actually just made a Facebook group for any fg players in or around Middle GA so feel free to join if youre in the area or anything


If I can’t find any groups closer to home then I’ll join up and travel. :slight_smile: thanks


Are there regular, sfv tournaments in the Atlanta area that anyone knows of? Any interest in a gathering at battle and brew… Honestly I’m just looking to learn more than compete.


There’s Gwinnett Brawl every month, and every Friday at Georgia Tech there are plenty of people who come to play SF5.


First post info updated!


Just moved to Athens. Anyone play fighting games out here?


You in the Facebook group? Definitely Athens people who are in it.


What facebook group are you talking about?



pretty awesome to see this
Now I just have to make it to events


Street Fighter 5 Tournament
Wednesday, June 1st
FB Event Page

  • Open play (casuals/practice) @ 6pm
  • Tournament sign-ups begin @ 7pm
  • Tournament start promptly @ 8:30pm

$10 Entry ($5 pot / $5 venue)
Click here to pre-register/pay
Please bring your own controller

  • PS4
  • Double Elimination
  • Best 2/3
  • Losers, Winners, & Grand Finals are best 3/5
  • 1st 60%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 10% or entry back


If Anyone in northwest Georgia interested in competition we’re going to have fight nights at Buffalo Wild wings in Fort Oglethorpe GA. Gonna be playing some KOF, MKX, and killer instinct on Mondays starting 9/5/16




Lol I came to post another tournament announcement but it looks like the threads are pretty dead


Oh well