Georgia fighting game scene "Growing our scene is the key "


Hey guys, just dropping in to let you all know the next Game Galaxy tournament will be this coming Saturday in Antioch, TN. Come on up if you can!


What’s the best spots to get some good games in for Tekken? I went to Battle & Brew a couple months back. Def want to check out the GXGaming place. Any others?


Currently Gamers Xperience (GX) and BnB are the only places to play beside people houses.


As always
For less than 16 entrants: top 3 payout 70/30/10
Any game with more than 16 entrants will have DEEP payouts! the more people who enter, the more people get paid!
PLUS tournaments with more than 16+ entrants will receive a BONUS $50 to the pot!
Tournaments with more than 32+ entrants will receive a BONUS $100 total to the pot!


LOL Damn all this tourney announcements.

Anyways, ATL is all about that Tekken and so is Memphis TN!

Do you have what it takes to take down the best players in memphis and not only claim the prize money but the trophy as well?
We at BawseGorillaGaming are proud to announce the return of Memphis Bawse Battles! The hypest tournament in TN!

Hope to see georgia come and represent.


Tournament at Game Galaxy Arcade in Antioch, TN coming up on May 18th, make your plans now!

SFAE2012, Injustice, and UMVC3!!!


Another gathering for casuals at Gamers Xperience this Friday, May 3rd


Hey guys, don’t forget that MWC is a little over a month away already, so make your plans now to attend Game Galaxy’s hypest tournament of the year in Antioch, TN.

We also have our first INJUSTICE tournament coming up on May 18th at Game Galaxy! RSVP on Friday, Attend on Saturday, Go home richer on Sunday!


This thread is a ghost town :confused:


So let’s hype it up! What do you play?


When I get the chance I’ll mess around with SF4, 3s, and ST


no AE?

myself, can’t get into SF. I toy around with Injustice, Tekken, PS Allstars, Marvel.


AE is what I meant when I wrote SF4. Man, I forgot to include CVS2 in my list, although I dont have it anymore :confused:


How do you like SFxT? I’m guessing you didn’t even give it a chance :slight_smile:


I played it like 3 times with juan… its got a nice concept


Wow, that bad huh? I think it was a good concept too, but to me it seem too random.
You try to do one thing and another would happen. I hope Tekken x Street Fighter is
much better…if it ever comes out.


First2TenFriday is tonight! All the fun starts at 4pm.
Come out for casuals in all of the top fighting games…

We will be streaming most of the night


If anyone is the Savannah, GA area is looking for some weekly’s I posted in the Tournament & Events section. We’re trying to get the scene here growing and anyone is welcome, of course. Here’s the link: Savannah, GA players! Weekly’s starting very soon!


Yo WHY IS THIS THREAD STILL HAPPENING?? ;_; Facebook too stronk!


Hey everyone! I am currently deployed but I’ll be going to my next unit at Ft. Gordon, GA in Augusta in a few months and I was wondering if there was a fighting game scene in or near Augusta?