Georgia Sheriff Deputy: It's okay to lie, cheat, steal as long as you're old


Wow Rednecks being ignorant Dull surprise

Edit: Ok I actually went back and read the articles. I’ll admit i didn’t read them before, a lot of you guys post redundant stuff so i was dumb and assumed.

Frankly the discussion should be on how fuckin misleading the topic title is.

And let the old woman stay in her home. I’m with Jie on this one.

Or a woman.

yeah quite frankly the fact that piece of shit banks get bailed out all the time, repeatedly throughout history for their faggotry means that the elderly infirm should get a free pass too.

fuck wall street.

<- responsible non hippy who has never missed a mortgage payment, and even makes additional extra payments

Nothing misleading about it. Contract is signed. Person decides to void contract and is then lauded as a hero (to the point where even the officials who are supposed to enforce the law refuse to do so) while the organization trying to get recompense for being cheated out of an honest agreement are labeled villains.

But I guess that’s modern America for you, why bother with trivialities like legally binding agreements or the law.

They’re trying to evict a 103 year old lady over something she had no control over. I’m all for the law an shit, but there’s something to be said for Empathy. Let the woman live her last days in fucking peace. She’s got not many of them left and considering the default happened in 08 and they waited till 2010 to even address the issue, they’re not hurting for the house.

And considering how often the banks have fucked over people with overly complicated rules and systems, while breaking their own rules an systems to get ahead, when it comes to the law, banks can fuck off. They only give a shit about the law when it benefits themselves.

The law is to help improve humanity, not over ride it.

what a piece of shit…the OP that is. poor old woman didn’t lie, cheat or steal a damn thing.

Why do people always wait until nominations for dumbest poster begin before deciding to put their name into the mix like this?

If the sheriff would have evicted her, some poster would be up in arms about what a heartless son of a bitch he is to do that around the time of the holidays. The sheriff is an elected official, you can’t get re-elected with that kind of bad press. I also agree with Fishjie.

you mean like how the banks continually did shady and even illegal shit with no regards to the law and were lavishly rewarded for bailouts? personally i don’t give a fuck about the banks at all, and have no pity for them. fuck em

Only in the south

I don’t respect my elders…sue me.

If anything, they should be punishing her grandson who defaulted, not the woman and her daughter who are just staying there. treat them as tenants, not the homeowners. Why should they be punished for someone else’s douchebaggery?

Glad they held off.

Who would evict a 103 year old from their home? You gotta be a heartless SOB, not to mention the bad press you’ll get for it. How would you even start that convo off? “Hello Ms.Lee, you gotta get the fuck up outta this house, this shit going back to the bank.”

Fuck the banking system, only in America you can live in a home for 50+ years, paying mortgage, and still not own it.

Its not often the police don’t follow through with an eviction regardless of the circumstances, but I’m certainly glad they didn’t in this case. Even if they are just doing their job, it makes the police look really fowl in some cases though I imagine they don’t enjoy dragging people and their families out of their homes. According to some survey I saw some years ago, many police would rather deal with an armed robbery than a domestic dispute or carrying out evictions.

Regardless of whether it’s mean to kick them out or not, they no longer own the house. Maybe it’s not the lady’s fault directly, but her son fucked up. She’s living in the bank’s house now, and if the bank doesn’t want her there she has no right to be there.

Seeing as how the daughter had to go to the hospital because someone knocked on their door and the other one’s fucking 103 I think God will do the work for them real soon. Especially with all the media attention.