German Arcades?

Any arcades in Germany? I’ll be going through there for two weeks in about a month and was just curious to see if I could get any Street Fighter in whilst there.

Same here…haha.
Myself and a couple of other people are trying to go to Germany June9th ish for a week or so. So if there is a CvS2 scene, a 3rd Strike scene, let us know.
Ah, we are going to Berlin…
I will also check the other threads…



yea, there are arcades in germany. they have some fairly descent arcades there too. i dont know exactly what games they have cause i haven’t been in a while and the last time i went i wasn’t a player i just watched my mom kick some people’s asses at some street fighter game, but there are some.

Might someone inform me on where these arcades are located?

wait a minute your mom plays SF? Lol! Thats awesome is the place i’d check out for the german scene.