German Fighters around?



i was wondering, if german there are german players on that board…???

if you are interested in some online matches or even offline events, contact me :slight_smile:

btw. i’m from augsburg (bavaria) and my ps3-id is “RayRay_08” …



There are german - and indeed - german speaking players on this board :wink:

I’m from vienna. Hook me up on XBL. There is already another Thread in the “non-regional” Looking for Players Forums afaik :slight_smile:


oooo im going to munich in the beginning of may, there arent any good arcades to stop by are there?


Are there even any good arcades in germany or austria?


im from germany and i have NEVER ever seen any arcades here…
or someone else knows better then me :wink:

btw, im on xbl too but i suck. will post my gamertage maybe later :smiley:


The only thing with a remote similarity to arcades in Germany are those strange “clubs” (or whatever you want to call them) where they may have one Daytona cabinet and a lot of poker machines and other money eaters.

This is why we basically have no fighting game scene in this country.

Anyways, I just got into fighting games with the release of Street Fighter IV so I pretty much suck but if anyone wants to play me, please add me. I love this game and basically haven’t played anything else since its release and don’t think I’m going to in the next time.

@aerosoljunkie: Post it now! As I said, I also suck (or at least add me).

@RayRay_08: An offline event would be terrific. Do it, so I don’t have to :wink:


Yeah, i’m from Regensburg, my XBL GT is wwmajin.


There used to be an arcade/casino called Las Vegas near Hauptbahnhof but I don’t know if it still exists. I used to play in that place from 1993 - 1995


i have never seen an arcade in germany, that could be compared to any american standard… :-(((

we could do it together… munich ain’t that far away from augsburg :wgrin:

if you are interested you can send me a PM or just contact me on MSN …



Swiss Fighter here. And nope, there are not really that much arcades here. The occasional arcade game at a club or something, but nothing really fancy.

Hit me up on XBL, my Gamertag is “Drachenherz I”.


chun_li1 is from germany… I think


I’m in Luxembourg right now so I’m gonna add you German players on Xbox Live. So if you get a request from “Slick Rick III” that’s me. We should have a decent connection.


If anyone’s intrested: is organizing a online SFIV Tournament for 360 users. Top 3 get a bit of Street Fighter related stuff.

Info is here:


Ui, schn zu sehen das hier relativ viele Leute aus Bayern sind.
Ich komm btw aus Mnchen.
Falls wer Lust auf ne paar Matches hat (auch wenn ich nich wirklich toll bin ^^) PS3-Nick: Schoko-Ger

@Dentron: I don’t know if it’s too late, but the Arcade near the Central Station doesn’t have any form of fightingarcademachines.


^its cool im already back. i never went to that arcade or any arcade, just beer gardens =D


I’m from Germany as well (living between Cologne and Duesseldorf).

Have been into SF for quite some time when some day Tekken came around :wink:

I returned to SF when the Zero and EX games came out and wasted a lot of time playing Third Strike on my DC.

The main problem is - I’m not really good at SF - check me out on XBL and see for yourself :wink:

Btw. is there any decent german online fighting community website? Because I’m currently thinking about building a small page for that since I couldn’t find one. Anyone care to join? :wink:


hey schoko…

hab dich gerade mal im PSN geadded… auf ein paar gute matches :slight_smile:



That’s what you’re supposed to do when you’re in Munich anyways. :tup:

@larsit0 I’m adding you on XBL.


Hey, noch jemand aus Mnchen. Mit zusammen RayRay_08 knnen wir schon ein Turnier machen :razzy:


Sorry for that poor performance yesterday, I started off with stick which just doesn’t work too good yet, then switched back to pad and the thing just went crazy (turning itself off and shit).

Got a new battery now, we’ll see if that will help :smiley: