Get a beginners stick, or save up for better?


I was planning on getting a WWE Brawlstick, but I saw some SCV arcade sticks at my local electronic store. I have money to get the WWE Brawlstick, but should I save up for a better stick?


save up, you’re only gonna be spending the same amount if not more replacing the stock parts for better ones.


Save up for a better one.
If you don’t like it then you can sell/trade it and get a good amount of money/things from it.


I actually don’t mind budget sticks, such as a Madcatz SE, my favorite of the $50-ish sticks. If you don’t like it, you can always sell it off, if you do like it, you can eventually upgrade the components to something that feels a bit nicer and performs more consistently.

But of course, you could spend the extra money and get a Hori, Qanba, or Madcatz for $150-ish and have a really nice stick, complete with arcade perfect parts, have a nice stable and heavy base to it, and still be happy. If you don’t like it, you could always sell it to someone for a pretty good price.


I got this for 20 Euro and it works like a charm together with keyboard keys. I use it on my laptop, while on desktop I have a Hori. for beginners its perfect and it works also on other games, though it feels a little rough, just like in old custom arcade cabs


I recommend saving up for a better stick. I went the cheap route (got a hori ex2) and ended up buying a better stick (hori rap vx-sa) after a couple months.


you can normally find a new TE/HORI for $100 these days with all these coupons.


Rather than purchase two sticks, I’d say just save up and get a good one.


Thanks guys, I went with what you guys said and got a good stick. Now getting used to it is the problem…


“stick” with it :wink: it takes time to learn how to use it. Even though it feels weird leave the square gate in, esp if you are playing Street fighter. Go to the next major near you and have the guy with the eyepatch dual mod your stick for you (forgot his name)


Oh yeah, I know that guy. He’s ridiculously good-looking…


Lol ok, I’ll sure do that. Also, how long will it take for me to get used to my stick approx?


Depends how hard and how frequently you practice. Anywhere from 1 week to a few months.


What Coupons?! Where?? =>]

@OP, I have a UMvC3 Hori, and it’s good, though I have issues with the start button placement. Definitely want a TE S or one of the Hori SCV or MCZ SFxT V.S. Edition…


wait for a major tournament.

turn into the stream or tech talk.
madcatz/hori are always handing out promo’s to sell their sticks.


Waiting for a major, in order to cash in on deals and coupons, is a great strategy. Nowadays, there’s a major going on like every other month.


As a beginner player I purchased an inexpensive stick, WWE brawl stick. After several weeks of practicing on it I noticed the buttons responding a little slower or needed several taps. I read on here several members replaced the stock stick and buttons with brand name parts. Let me tell you I am just a novice to fighting games, but notice a dramatic improvement in response time.


Thats the magic of the stock parts for ya. Don’t rely on them too much since, as you have noticed, they break down easily. And yes, many of the members here replace the buttons and stick with sanwa, seimitsu,etc. parts because they will get the job done for you.