Get another arcade stick or a new game?


I don’t know if I should get another arcade stick, or a new game. I mean…I don’t know what’s worth getting.


How bad is the stick you have?
How bad are the games you have?

If you are going to buy a new game that none of your friends have then I’d say stick with a stick until you can convince more people to join your endeavor. If your stick is decent then more fighting games can only increase your execution and overall skill in the 2d tournament fighter realm.


Is your stick broken?
[]No. Then get a new game.
]Yes. Continue
Can it be fixed?
[]No. Get a new stick.
]Yes. Then repair/replace what’s broken and move on. If you don’t know how, you’re scared to, or useful with basic tools and/or soldering, refer to the previous step.
Honestly, do whatever makes you happy. If you’re bored and want something new to play, do that, if your arcade stick is so broken that you need to get a new one, and you plan on heavily playing fighting games either casually or at the competitive level, then that’s probably what you should purchase. We can’t really tell you what to do, since we don’t really know your situation.

Wait, are these types of questions even allowed in newbie section?


Haha I was thinking about the same thing. This is pretty close to a “pick my character” type of thread. Not much actual information to dole out here - it’s all opinion really.


i’m with eltrouble - if it ain’t broke then get a game. if it is then fix it… it’s like having a car that won’t run but saying man i could really go for a drive or debate about buying rims / new stereo system.

besides games come down on value quickly.


For someone who states “I. AM. GODLIKE!!!”…you really have a hard time making up your own mind…


xD! Yeah I’m only GODLIKE, in things I like to do, and I like to have opinions.


One of the most important skills I hope to help people develop here in the newbie dojo is critical thinking. This is one of those kind of questions that have a ton of different answers, many of which you should be able to answer yourself, if you make a little effort, that is.

I’m all about helping you become a better player, but these “what should I have for lunch?” threads really ought to stop.


Get the second stick. This way you have a back up if you need it and invite new people to your place to play fighting games with you and by having a second stick for them to use you can get them hooked :slight_smile: