Get Approved to Post on KLOV Thread

This is for approval to post on klov. I will only approve if your a regular SRK user with a decent amount of posts. It’s a great website that has tons of cool people. Normally you have to make a donation to become a member, also you can get an approval from a full user.


wtf is KLOV?

killer list of video games. It’s like a site for arcade stuff. Mostly older folks on the website but I want to try it out. The other way is a $2 dollar donation but I don’t want to do that…

My $0.02. $2 is mad easy to come by. Find coins in your couch. Hit up 2 friends for a dollar. Check those pants that you don’t wear very often. Short out on a tip. Mow someone’s lawn. Turn in soda bottles/cans for some change. That said, no, I will not give you $2 or another metaphorical $1.98

No, I don’t need a donation. They ask for 2 bucks to be a member. I don’t want to pay two bucks and then “wow, this website sucks” it. What I need is a recommendation from a member to be a member. Strange I know but they do this to prevent multiple accounts.

That’s pretty weird. I wonder how many members they have.

haha! yea I know, It’s a very small group compared to SRK. Mostly older folks.

Here is a link :

BTW I have the same name on there: Mosque

I would change your name first, no way you’ll get approved with Mosque. Maybe MosqueSRK?

im a member there its a great website if you’re into arcade cabinet collecting…

Great website (been browsing that website on and off since 2002), but their Arcade information post-2000 leaves a lot to be desired.

Please oh please can you approve me?:smiley: I would really appreciate it? anybody? *cries in the corner

I love collecting cabs, I have three blast city’s and a Capcom Impress.

i tried approving someone 2 months ago & we weren’t able to figure out how to do it…Mosque post pic of your arcade setup! OH Klov is mostly old school/american cabs…Not much info on candy cabs but there are some with some knowledge…


It’s looks like a cool website so I really wanted to try it out.

This was taken from the site :

"Now, from the VAPS menu, there is a link logged in VAPS members see called ‘Forum Upgrades’, with which a VAPS member can approve any new forum member after that user has created a forum name and logged onto the forum at least once…

Until a new forum member has been validated, they can only post in a special forum area and then their posts are only seen by mods and admins."

i’ve been trying to get validated too…oh well, guess I will pay the $$. Definitely a lot of good info in there.

P. Gorath what your user names ill validate you.

Mosque, ill validate you if you post pics of your setup

I did post em you don’t see the links?

old links snipped