Get better at your game!

Alright I play KOF a lot and sometimes I find it hard to get past certain tactics and my mind games aren’t that great either. I decided to make this thread in the hopes that some of the top players might help me and whoever else get a better grasp on the mind games and what not.

Ok so the biggest problem I have is other players on GGPO will use incredibly safe characters and they use this weird tactic where they hit me with stand alone attacks and just avoid me completely or turtle. I know it sounds stupid of me but I just can’t seem to find a way to get past it even when I use my own mind games. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to share.

something you can do in pretty much any game is run ppl’s own shit against them and see how they counter it. anyways, lets play on ggpo. im down for 98/2k/2k2 (and possibly fhd or breakers).

Hi, I played you on ggpo under the name A Beast Of Prey.

Damn what a good idea man I never thought of that. Also sorry I would’ve played but I just now seen your reply.

Yeah I remember you beast of prey, If I said anything mean sorry I get so frustrated and I can’t control myself. But if you ever want to play again I’ll be on ggpo. You too rogueyoshi.

Hop on IRC, bro!

I play Chris and O.Yashiro ( in 2002 ) in the way you’ve mentioned in your above post; if you want to figure out how to beat poking and punishment in general, log onto our IRC channel ( which you can find here ::: ) and get on GGPO.

Best of luck to you!