Get em! I got jokes. Yo, Zulu, why ya lips look like

zulu, why ya lips so white, it look like you been spinning pizzas on ya face all day. lol. get em! that is not a part of your job, sir.

mr wizard, your breath smell like gazelle spit after a fresh kill. get em!

seth killian the only dude i know practicing wheelies with no back tire. lol! got em! nigga you aint goin no where. ha ha

hav, your breath smell like you been bathing drunk turtles all day. ha ha. get em!

lol. vodka… :looney::rofl:


Aw shit nigga. Jimmy1200. Hijinx

Sort of want.

Please continue.

Yeah Dood 120%, why yo ass always saying “dood” after all your bullshit posts? Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure lookin’ ass

I miss hollermcdollar :frowning:

Nostradamus didn’t see this shit coming

rpd, be fist bumpin with guidos so hard he stay punchin himself in the face. lol

twelve, this nigga so drunk he swing around peanut brittle at the tv screen, talking about he playing wii. GET EM! LOL


zulu got two left hands, and jerks off with his feet. lol. mad retarded son. u mad! GET EM!


BEWD you ole Pirate lookin ass nigga

this nigga, nick t, silly, i told him he shouldnt drink milk because he is probably lactos intolerant, and he said he is very tolerant of spanish people. lol! we still using english my friend, and you way off topic. GET EM!

bewd, tried to audition for jersey shore because he thought it was a swimming contest. lol! get em!

this nigga, ponder, got a fake leg with a real foot. lol

dogface, be in cali belly dancing on mad catz sticks. ha ha

i saw marn walking down the street, i said what you doin, he said runnin out of breath. lol

alex valle got more kids then suffixes. ha ha. GET EM! junior, …junior, junior,… junior, junior, junior

mixup be down in florida wit the taco meat all out. ya know. looking all miami. ya know. got the gators in his backyard with reeboks on. ya know. lookin all new york undercover. ya know. mixup got the humidity down there. ya know. streets so hot, he ride around in snow tires. CHAINS! ya know.

justin wong, nigga, that aint your real name. when justin was born, his parents named him by throwin silverware down the stairs and listenin. ching chang chong chong. lol! GET EM!


mr ono dick so small, he got an erection and ran into the wall and broke his nose first. LOL. GET EM!

continue. lulz!


i like the marn one.:tup:

What is this thread about? Oh well I’ll just go with the flow.

Why does jimmy1200 look like baby joker off of next friday, oscar the grouch looking ass nigga ummm get em?

Uhh his breath smell so bad when he talks to people they hand him a roll of toilet paper… dayumm! get em?

… the fuck

Who’s supposed to be getting what? At least you got them on your third try, but I’m guessing they got away again?

I think it would be much more constructive if we spent a thread focusing on or strengths, rather than insulting one another.

Jimmy Bones: your teeth are so yellow, i can’t believe its not butter! GET EM