Get em! I got jokes. Yo, Zulu, why ya lips look like

Kilosmaniac’s mom bends over and shows the pink lips, white gooch, and brown anus so much that her nickname is neopolitan.

Jimmy’s whole crew is so soft the hardest MD dude is Doogie Howser.

Turbo_Nemesis’s teeth are so crooked they look like a line graph of Oprah’s weight.

DietSoap loses so much random select gives him Nas.

ROFL you ole lanky ass lame, so dumb someone said it was chilly outside and you went and got a bowl.

…yeah I’m done.

Jibbo, yo stupid ass can’t talk to nobody on the phone when they call to say what’s up with yo Ronald McDonald lookin ass.

black jesus, you ol funny lookin ass nigga. nigga got long legs and a midget upper body. lol!

kilosomniac, got one arm and swim in circles. GET EM!

yipes got that big face twenty head. lol

nigga, potter, smell like two homeless people rubbin arm pits in a tomato soup pool.

i like how nobody got Miss Darkness

ayo Miss Darkness don’t sport Tampax she usin coffee filters*

*i stole that from a rap song :cool:

Adam Warlock and his 40 year old ninja headband wearing ass be doing hand seals before sex yelling out “VIAGRA NO JUTSU” . Too bad his girl be getting angry cause a nigga still manage to ninja vanish a minute later.

Old Jimmy be drinking so much he shits out Wong Fei Hung and don’t miss a beat. Wondering why he got foot prints on his ass and trying to figure out who the hell be screaming NO SHADOW KICK!?!?


Quiches momma got one big titty and one little titty and we call that bitch BIGGIE SMALLS!

angelpalm’s house so small the front and back door are on the same hinge.

this is strangely entertaining
kudos sir

angel palm ol drunk ass. they told this nigga he needs a floppy disk, so he melted a frisbee and set it on top of his computer. lol!

that nigga angel palm passed high school wit funky arms. teachers gave him a’s just not to raise his hand. ha ha

this nigga, filthy rich, smell like cold hot dog water. lol!

Game. Blouses.

Oh what the hell… might as well…:

Jimmy your mammas theeth are so yellow they put the sun out of business!

RPD yo mamma is so dumb it took her an hour to cook minute rice!!

Kilosmaniac you so ugly, as child your momma put a pork shop around your neck, just so the dog could play with you!

Black jesus your mommas is like KFC: finger licking good!!

How do you confuse BEWD? you put him in a circle and tell him to piss in the corner!

Get em!!

that dn3000 only got one of two things on his mind; a warrant or a mortgage, yaaaaaaaaaa

haha give this guy a medal…

Oh no you DID’NT!!! :nunchuck:

Dang. I wanted to post that :bluu:

Look at this ol’ “I just want to post in this thread” ass nigga usin Dirty Dozens Jokes from In Livin Color…


Hey drop off ’ why dont you click your heels together 3 times… and go back to africa! ’