Get Hype! Fighting game podcast

Hey guys, I’m part of a website called and we do a podcast called Vice Weekly, due to the popularity of both Street Fighter 4 and the amount of downloads we got on the episode that features Mike Ross and Gootecks, I was able to convince the rest of the staff to give me some leeway to do a podcast all about fighting games called Get Hype!

Right now we’re starting with SF4(will be moving into KOFXII and Tekken 6, and hopefully BlazBlue but I’m not really too familiar with the Guilty Gear series), contrary to the title we’re starting off pretty slow for complete and utter novices with the basics(spacing, execution, explanation of mind games etc.), we also began talking about some real basic character specific stuff and as the weeks go by we’ll start to get into more advanced stuff and hopefully with the help of some of the more top players of the fighting game community we can get some really excellent material for people who would find audio better to learn from than reading.

The podcast is recorded every wednesday and usually comes up on the site on Thursday we have a skype number where people can leave messages that we’ll read on the podcast, 347 482 1626 and an e-mail address

I know this is SRK and someone might want to know what kind of credentials we have and I can say both my podcasting partner and I have quite a bit of experience from Chinatown Fair and Web2Zone(when it was a hot spot) so I think we have enough knowledge on the basics of fighting games to conduct a podcast aimed at turning novices to intermediates and furthering the knowledge of intermediate players so hopefully they might become advanced players.

Thanks and please give a listen, tell us what you think, preferably constructively and if the show goes further we’ll see about getting top tier players on the show.

Sounds cool, keep us posted! :smile:

will do, you can stream the first two off of the site at or you can download via itunes(with the search being

Awesome the fact that you are branching off to other games appart from SF4 is a major plus for me and Im sure for a lot of people :tup:

Yay, a podcast that’s not focused completely on Street Fighter. =D Looking forward to it.